Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the dirtiest horse award goes to....

Denali!! Congratulations!

I went out to the barn today to hang out with the horse. I took four ibuprofens this morning, but made the mistake of kneeling on the floor at my house trying to find something under the bed and I've been paying for that ever since. I was going to ride, but since the knee was swollen, I thought I'd follow the Dr's orders, at least for today.

Denali's lessor was out today with her parents. I set up a baby jump for them and they looked pretty good. Denali has never been much for jumping. I actually joke that the safest place in the arena when Denali is having one of her "moments" is standing right next to the jumps because she'll never come near them. I've jumped her a few times over little jumps. For a while she'd stop and poop right before the jump. Evasive-yes, hilarious? hell yes! She's gotten over taking a crap when she's near a jump (I joked that jumps scare the crap out of her.)

After their ride, I let Denali roll in the arena. Making her extra scummy. She needs a bath REALLY BAD! She only ever rolls on her right side, and never the whole way over. I guess I can't say she doesn't EVER roll on her left side, but I don't remember the last time she did. I remember hearing somewhere that means they are out of alignment, but then again I don't remember where I heard that, and many of the people I use to associate with weren't the best horse owners (I didn't know that at the time.) Thoughts on horses rolling the whole way over??

There are lots of things I'd like to do for Denali. Chiropractor, massage, etc. However, her EPM treatment took most of my horse budget so new things and fun things need to be put on hold for now.

Speaking of that. I have a Natasha Kieffer Dressage Bridle for sale. It has a crank nose band and a sparkle head piece. It's really pretty, but it's also really big. It would be perfect for a Warmblood. It's just too big for Denali's head, which is saying a lot since she is big. I bought it for $140 so it's best offer. It comes with leather reins, but they're not Keiffer. If you want the Keiffer cloth reins they were used a few times.

Enough of my shameless selling. (I also have shipping boots, red :)

I am hoping for a nice warm day. Denali needs a good scrub! She loves baths so that's a plus! She's been SO CALM since I started her on the Ex-Stress. I know that supplements don't cure everything, but even her lessor agrees that she's a different horse. Not just calm, focused. I also think that the extra Vitamin C she's getting (C for Consistency) helps. She's been getting worked daily for the past two weeks. Today she was acting really tired and lazy, but I think that is just her way to deal with not wanting to work.

Denali is good at faking injuries. I once led her into the barn with her off on the right hind, then after I took her back outside (without riding her since she was off) she was off on the left hind. Needless to say we went back inside and rode and she was fine. Can't say she doesn't have a personality!!


Union Square said...

I love reading about Denali, what a character she must be to hang out with! Does she like Doritos, by any chance? Something about the personality-plus mares, they all love Doritos. . .

Interested to hear about the Ex-Stress. It's really cooling her out?

Natalie Keller Reinert
Retired Racehorse Blog
Union Square Stables

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think my mare Honey could give her a run for her money for dirtiest horse right now! After a week of freezing rain I finally got to take off her turnout blanket and when I did she had that super sleek and shiny look going on so I thought I would run in to the house and grab my camera. Well, by the time I got back she had rolled in the mud-both sides and was filthy! I should've taken a picture anyway, but decided not to because she seriously looked neglected, lol. Oh, and sorry to hear about the scum-bag that broke into your car-not cool.

Denali said...

Lol! I done the same thing with Denali!! I'd take her blanket off, run for the camera, then come back to a mud monster!!