Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I didn't make it to the barn today. My kiddos at work were SO HYPER that I needed to come home and sit in my quiet house and do NOTHING to feel semi normal. If it wasn't for the hour commute I would have gone to the barn, but I didn't want to fight traffic.

I applied some of my crazy Thoroughbred training techniques on my kids today. I took them out and they ran laps. They love doing it, and sure enough they were "good" (in quotes because good in my room is not what other teachers consider good in their rooms) for about 5 minutes. Seriously, non-stop-talking for the past 8 days. Oh the joys.

While enjoying my quiet night at home I found some pictures of Denali from this past August. I don't think that they are posted anywhere, so here they are. It was quite funny. Denali was running around and wanted to come back in from the arena. (She looks SO UGLY in this picture!)

She obviously got bored so she started to nibble on the FAKE flowers that are set up with the standards. I noticed it through the camera lens and reprimanded her (but not soon enough for her to NOT eat the red flower.)
So of course like any good Thoroughbred she had to pout in the corner. She's pretty funny with all her emotions, I'm pretty sure she has been squinting at me lately when she gets pissed.

Then Denali's trainer went out and was explaining to her that she can't eat the flowers. Denali seemed to understand.

And for good measure (since I'm adding random pictures) below is a photo I took of her the day after I brought her home from the auction. I love her hair! It stood straight up! Probably from being thinned at the track. She is SO CUTE! She looks like such a baby!! She was 4 in this picture and she'll be 6 (yes, yes, I realize that TECHNICALLY she's already 6) in February.


SprinklerBandit said...

Her face has matured a lot. I don't know why, but horses seem to go from having a baby face to a grow-up face as they go through training... still, she's a pretty girl with a gorgeous coat. So shiny!

Frizzle said...

I don't think she looks ugly at all in that pic! :-P
She certainly is much darker than day you got her. She must have been very sun-bleached (like Mr. Salem, who gets more orange every day!).