Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Jerk

Dear Jerk,

I totally understand why you targeteted my car, I mean who WOULDN'T want a 1998 Subaru Legacy. They are a high ticket item! The parts alone would probably get you at LEAST $10.00. Although, you obviously changed your mind and decided that the car wasn't for you, you did decide that my nice GPS would go nicely in your junk wagon or POS car that you drive. OH, no wait, you're probably going to sell it to fuel one of your habits. Thanks for leaving me the garbage, that will come in handy. It makes me feel really good that you went through ALL MY STUFF. I hope that you found what you were looking for. As for me, if I EVER see you TOUCHING my car...well let's just say my ability to hold my temper isn't very good. Have a good fucking weekend.


Seriously? I really feel that I'm on some tv show that I don't know about. My laptop was attacked by a virus that TOTALLY shut it down. It turns on and off, but nothing else works. My husband took it to work to try and fix it. I hope that worked out! THEN I walk out the door of our house to my Subaru with doors open and my GPS missing. Sigh. I loved my GPS, it got me from poing A to point B without needing to stop for directions.


Rebecca said...

Yuck, what a day! I always hide my GPS under the seat when I am out of the car, because I am afraid someone will break in just to steal it. Can't stand thieves! They don't seem to to realize that you worked HARD for the money to buy the things that they steal. :/

Denali said...

It was in my console which means they had to look for it. Next time I'm locking it in the glove compartment.

Bo Delmont said...

Ugh,totally sucks we feel your pain. This summer someone broke into our car down-town and stole the stereo. Crack-heads left the iPod tho; which was worth at least twice what the stereo was.

But still the repairs to the car, a new alarm and stereo it was well over $1000.

Any way get one of those new cell phones with GBS and Google maps built in. Then you can just take it with you.

tcross27 said...

What a jerk, and stealing from you on my birthday!!!!!!!! Jeez, the problem is that theives DO KNOW how hard you probably work to buy expensive things, they don't have the kind of character it takes to hold a REAL job and buy things for themselves. Instead they prey on the hard working!

follow my blog and I will follow yours!!

This is good stuff girl! You should consider submitting to an equestrian mag!!

Much Love!!