Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dumb knee!

Just got back from the doctors. She gave me hell for riding and I'm not SUPPOSE to ride until after I'm done with Physical Therapy (8 more weeks!!!!) I think they should just give me really good drugs instead! Either that or I need to be more stoic when they poke and prod my knee. I think I'm going to define riding as doing it right, so the doctor has nothing to worry about if you think of it that way. Stupid knee. Maybe I'll just ride without stirrups. Then there's no pressure. OR I could ride bareback, if Denali starts walking around and I just had wanted to sit on her then I'm not riding right? It's a training issue with my naughty thoroughbred right ;0) ? Ugh. Dumb knee.


Bo Delmont said...

OMG; Suck it up. 8 weeks is better than a life time of not riding.

The girlfriend and I have all kinds of knee issues with sports injuries from back in the day. (geesh that makes me sound way old) Last year she spent several weeks in physical therapy and still needs to do special exercises the rest of her life just to remain comfortable.

But once your good and healed up, be sure that your saddle fits you well and you ride proper and balanced. I have certain saddles that really bother my knee; but still ride in them cause they fit my senior horses really well. And there is no point in buying saddles for the horse who is 34 and the other who is 28.

The younger horses who will still have a long carrier ahead of them; I have proper saddles that fit them and me. For the longest time I thought it was a load of crap and the saddle didn't make that much of a difference and it was all posture; but since then I have been proven wrong. I have also learned over time that leathers can wear and stretch causing uncomfortableness. *Uncomfortableness may not be real word*

Mind you I only ride Dressage, Eventing and Jumping bothers my knees too much; and I have never been in a western saddle. So I have no idea if what I said above works in both those worlds.

Good luck, till your healed; there is always better living through chemistry.

Denali said...

I agree! I really like my saddle and it fits us both pretty well. I had to buy a pad for it when Denali decided to gain around 200 pounds and her shoulders didn't move as freely as I wanted them to.

I think I need an 18.5 saddle or an 18 inch saddle of a different brand. That's for when i have money! My saddle feels pretty good until then.

SprinklerBandit said...

Once the doctor clears you to ride, you might want to try jointed stirrups. They're supposed to be really good for you knees and Dover has them on sale for $35 + shipping. I got a pair to play with, and they're pretty cool.

Ok, so the website says $45, but the catalog price is $35. If you're interested, contact me and I'll get you the catalog information so you get the lower price.

But seriously. Better time off now than time off permanently.