Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ugh. Seriously? WTF!

I have had it with today, I want to go BACK to bed and have a re-do.

1. I wrecked my car and it was totally my fault.

2. Denali was taken over by the devil tonight and continually freaked out on the lunge line. I almost sprayed 4 sale on her butt before I left. At one point she turned out and started to run backwards, right towards my trainer with the broken femur. I have rope burn all over my hand and consider myself an idiot.

Hope everyone had a better day than me! I seriously have the worst luck EVER!!!


Frizzle said...

Don't worry, we all have those moments! There have been days when Salem has bucked or half-reared or just been testing me and I get frustrated. Luckily, I have very supportive barn friends who talk me through it.
And, remember, this chilly weather makes them all full of spit and vinegar! Denali is a young TB, so I'm not surprised that she sometimes gets a bit looney.
Sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you're okay.

Bo Delmont said...

Keep your head up! Car wrecks happen... sounds like no one was hurt so count your self lucky.

As for Denali, she is a TB they all have those moments... ok well mine still has those moments every now and then.

Just remember always were gloves when lunging. I worked with a really great trainer once whose hand had 21 stitches scars from a lunge line incident gone wrong. She almost lost here thumb.

Good luck!

Denali said...

Thanks! Sometimes I just get so down. I love this stupid horse so much, and I think I can handle her, but then I have days like yesterday that I want to sell her to the first person who will take her. My finger looks like a sausage today and hurts like hell. Gloves, Check! I even had them sitting out. Stupid me. Sometimes I envision her being a complete freak all the time and me not being able to handle her ever.

Denali said...

Actually (more rantings) its when she freaks OUT over birds on the trail to the open field that I get really upset. I'd love to trail ride her, but if she's going to be a freak there goes that confidence!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hang it there!!! Bad days make the good ones even better, right?! ;)