Sunday, January 10, 2010

and I'm back.

Denali = Super Amazing under saddle today. Cool, calm and collected. She was on the bit almost the entire time, she was using her hind end, and SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! Her leasor lunged her and then rode her for a while. I hopped on and took her for a little spin (shhh!! Don't tell my doctor) she was a perfect angel!! She has such floaty movement and I forgot how much fun she is.

I did buy some vitamins for her yesterday and added them to her supplement bags. I have all of nutritional numbers at my house, and after going through the numbers decided to add a little more magnesium and some B1 vitamins to her diet. I found a GREAT supplement that is just those two things with no fillers. It is called EX Stress, and is suppose to be a calming agent. I'm NOT saying that she was the perfect, focused angel today because of it (it's been 1 day) but it would be fun to think right?

Supplements are interesting. I mean, people have owned horses for hundreds of years and magically they did fine. Plus, when you add things like vitamins, if you add too much (depending on what it is) it won't hurt the horse, but then again it won't do anything! Just like humans it will come right back out. Then there are other things that can poison your horse if you give them too much, which is scary. If there were one area of horsemanship I had to say I did the most reading about it would be supplements. Denali doesn't have access to a field of grass to eat during the day, so as a result I know exactly what she's getting. That is the one thing I would change about her boarding facility. It would have bigger fields for her to run in. The fields are bigger than most, but still.

Yesterday when I was making up her supplement bags I spilled some of the Ex Stress on my vest and thought "shit" that's a waste. I didn't think much of it other than it is BRIGHT ORANGE! It looks exactly like the mix for Mac n' Cheese. Anyway, I went out to grab her from the arena and she started furiously licking my vest, every drop. I figure that's a good sign.

Well, my computer has been dying so I think I'm going to finally break down and go drop it off at the store to see if they can fix it. Oh! And I didn't get 2,000 dollars for my car.... I got 3,000! I took a picture today, I'll post it later!


SprinklerBandit said...

All right $3000! I hope you get to do something fun with it...

I'm on the fence about supplements. I understand that they can make a difference for high performance horses, but my girl is just learning to shorten her trot, so I don't think it's a big deal for her yet. Lucky Denali has you to do all this research for her. ;-)

Denali said...

Yeah, I know that supplements are the one thing that you can ask two horsemen about and get five different answers. I worry about Denali's joints since she has had two surgeries and was track trained.