Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ugh. This weekend started off with such promise! My husband and I spent yesterday looking at trucks, I sent an e-mail to the one dealership with exactly what I wanted along with the price range we were looking at. I got a phone call from a sales person who said he had a truck in our price range. Liar.

Needless to say we got the truck we wanted, but it also was 6,000 dollars more than we wanted to spend. Don't get me started on the dealership. I think we should have walked away. The truck was a good deal, but more than we wanted to spend. He told us that the price would be 16,100 out the door. He failed to mention that DID NOT include our down payment of 3,750. They also added another year to our loan to keep the payments down. Ugh. At one point I went into super bitch mode, but I don't think it helped us much. We did get the 100,000 mile warranty for half the price. I'd rather have had another two thousand dollars taken off. At one point during the paperwork signing I asked to speak with the manager (because the numbers we were quoted and the numbers we were paying were MUCH different.) The finance guy kept going and didn't get the manager, so I walked off and got him myself. Not that it helped much (and it was 9:30 am and I was showered and looked homeless) but I felt better.

Meet the New Truck. It's a 2007 Ford Ranger with 29,000 miles, we paid 20,000 total for it, but I keep going to kelly blue book, and it prices at more than that before taxes/title/license so I don't feel so bad, but wow am I still pissed off at the salesman. I've never bought anythig that costs that much in my entire life!! It's still just a shock. My friend just bought a new dressage horse that was priced at $28,000 dollars so at least I can get parts for mine if it breaks down. (Although he IS amazing!!)

We went to another dealer yesterday and the guy was SO NICE! No pressure what-so-ever. He had the same truck, but it was not a 4 door. We wanted a 4 door. I wish he would have had what we wanted (it was a Toyota Dealer) so he could have gotten the commission.
The little girl from the barn is out of the hospital! She didn't break anything!! How amazing is that? Her face was black n' blue before she left in the ambulance so she defninently hit hard. She said she's doing okay. Lots of black n' blue marks, and lots of pain, but nothing serious! It was a crazy experience.

I wanted to go ride today, but with the morning taken up by truck purchasing I didn't get a chance to ride. I did stop by to watch Denali and Megan working, but we were driving back from the mountains (in the new truck), and wanted to get home. Long day!

I also wanted to say thanks for following the blog! It gives me inspiration to write my ramblings down. Also, if you have a blog ad it to the comments so I can have some new reading material!


Mrs Mom said...

Wow- glad to hear the young lady is OK! And you look good up on that pretty mare- cut yourself a bit of a break girl- it's been a while since you were able to ride! ;)

Bo Delmont said...

Long comment my apologies to all who scroll through it.

looking for pony blogs here is my list of blogs I follow.


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mine is htp://


Glad to hear the young gal is ok.

Becky said...

Wow- what a weekend! At least it ended well with Denali. :) If you're ever looking for something to read when you're bored I keep a blog chronicling my progress with my wild mustang Cheyenne I adopted through the BLM almost a year ago. :)

Frizzle said...

Hooray! Now you can buy your very own horse trailer! ;-D
Out of the blogs the other commenter posted, I really like Saving Argus, I Is Roxie (very funny!), Shame in The Horse Show Ring, Tacky Tack of The Day, The Eventing Percheron, Behind The Bit, and of course Fugly (which I see you like, too).

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she is OK! And congrats on the new truck! I'm sure you'll feel better once the sticker shock wears off.

I recently started blogging if you're interested- mostly about life and my crazy mare.

Denali said...

I've been enjoying everyone's blogs! Thanks for adding them!