Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Day

I hate when I wake up crabby. It makes bad days worse.

1. My first graders have apparently formed a gang and are beating kids up on the playground.

2. A year ago, on of my students was murdered. It was horrible. (She was 17) The trial took place and the scum who did it only got 13 years because the witnesses fled the country. I hate gangs.

3. My kiddos are being SO NAUGHTY today!!

Ugh. I hate days that suck and I have no time to go see Denali. Horse breath cures everything.


SprinklerBandit said...

I'm sorry. That sounds like a horrible day.

Although a first-grade gang is kind of amusing... I mean, not to the kids that are getting beaten up, but just the idea of it. I'm sorry. I'm having an irreverent day.

Here's to Thursday. It's just tomorrow.

Mrs Mom said...

I'll go out right now and kiss Sonny horse from you. The entire week has been filled with non-stop WTF moments, so I totally feel you today.

Hang in there. Almost the weekend.