Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away....

No, that's not a scary looking creature, that's Denali. It was raining all morning and I had 0 motivation for doing anything, much less working Denali. I didn't feel too guilty since she's been worked almost everyday since the new year. Wow, I really suck at taking pictures, hu? She is really MUCH cuter that these horrid photos!

The funny thing about taking photos of Denali is that she is convinced that the camera is a treat. I can hardly ever get a nice picture of her. They always turn out like this. Look at that cute nose though! Man I love that nose!!

I gave her one of her favorite treats (Nature Valley Granola Bar) and then took this picture. I was walking away when she pretty much tried to run me over. I hit her really hard, and the following happened in SLOW motion. She stopped, started to pick up her feet to kick, realized what she was about to do, stopped and turned back towards me with this look of "Oh shit, I almost did a VERY bad thing." She gets pretty aggressive when it comes to treats. She needs to learn that you can't run people over to get food. Much better though, when I first got her she would charge at you if she was eating and you'd take any steps towards her.

Happy Monday everyone! Ugh... I hate Mondays!


SprinklerBandit said...

I have the same problem with Izzy; she's way too friendly to take pictures of. I love your description of how Denali reacted to the treat situation... at least she's learning.

Denali said...

She's pretty funny to watch. You can totally watch her thought process. She went from pissed, I'm going to get you to OH SHIT! I'm in big trouble, time to suck up.