Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Steps

That my faithful readers is an ambulance at my barn today. More on that later, but there is a rainbow in the background. Talk about a way to ruin your confidence you finally built up!

Spent all morning today trying to find a truck. My husband has a very specific truck model that he wants and it's not that easy to find. Our car isn't that bad, below is $3,000 damage. I wasn't going to go to the barn, it was cold out and I was really wanted to nap. I decided that was dumb and just an excuses. No more excuses!

Got to the barn around 2 o'clock. I swear that one of two things happen: A. Everyone is at the barn, or B. No one is at the barn. Today was an option A. I called Denali's leasor on the way out. She said she wouldn't come out because I was going to ride. I reminded her that I haven't ridden in two months and when I did get on I'd be on for 10 minutes, tops.

M and I were with Denali in the cross ties when I heard the worst noise ever! I stopped and listened while it registered, then took off running to the arena. Ophie's mom was already out there with one of the barn kids. She's a sweet kid, 16, and was she in a bad state. Apparently she got bucked off her horse. It's been a while since I've had first aid, but the thing about not moving the person has always stuck. Her helmet was cracked so we had one of the many people there call 911. The poor thing, she thinks she broke her pelvis and maybe some ribs. I hope that's it. No one knows if she lost consciousness, she definitely wasn't with it when I got to her. We started asking her questions until she started answering them correctly. She remembered nothing, and that seemed to really agitate her. We told her what happened, she was worried about her horse. Good kid.

We kept asking her questions, name, color of her her hair, color of her horse, horses name, when we ran out of questions we could think of we started asking her about other horses. I asked her my horses name, she knew it, I asked her who Denali's nemesis is (her brother) and she laughed and said "which one." So hopefully she's okay.

After the ambulance left, Denali was being a naughty girl on the lunge line. I hate when other people are riding and she's being a pill. I'm so afraid she's going to barrel into one of them. She eventually calmed down, and Megan does a wonderful job with her. Megan rode her for a while and D is doing really well. And now for the moment that you've all been waiting for:

I was pretty happy, I got her on the rail, and collected. Two things that I've failed to do in the past. My leg looks horrible! I'll work on that.


Frizzle said...

Your legs do not look horrible! Congrats for conquering the fear and enjoying your horse.

And fingers crossed for the poor girl who fell off.

Bo Delmont said...

Thank goodness she was wearing a helmet! But glad it didn't detour you from getting on ;).

She's a good looking mare BTW.

Denali said...

Thanks Bo, I think she's pretty good looking when she is acting like a proper little dressage horse.