Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, Same Me

I started out doing really well!! I went out to a horse rescue and volunteered yesterday. One of the horses just came in and has a score of 2/9. He looks horrible. He's been there for three weeks and is doing better. We groomed him for about an hour while he happily ate his food he was given. I feel so bad for horses who's owners suck. It's amazing what can happen when you actually feed them!

Then Ophelia's mom and I went to lunch. Sigh. I have a HUGE weakness when it comes to the chips they give you when you are seated. NO WILL POWER. I only ate about 8 of them. I did order a diet coke, and I must say it was the BEST DIET COKE EVER!! Then Ophelia's mom mentioned (after I drank every drop of my delicious diet coke) that her's was diet. SIGH. So not only did I drink COKE, I ate chips. I did order off the healthy menu. I did OKAY the rest of the day.

Then it was off to the barn. The farrier was there doing their feet, so no lunging for the girls. (I'm nice for a day or two so they don't get sore.) I brought Denali in to groom her and she was a good girl. Some people are proud of their horses for a good ride, Me? I'm proud of her for standing still in the cross ties. She did try to nip me once, which is a new thing. I bopped her in the mouth and I swear that she squinted at me. It was this look of, "I want to bite you so badly right now, but I know I can't." My trainer saw it too and laughed.

I guess the girl who is leasing her has been out a few times. That reminds me, I need to e-mail her to see how it's going. I haven't heard from her since before Christmas. My trainer said they had a good lesson. I was VERY tempted to go ride her today, but I decided that I should wait until my knee is 100% better. That's hard. I now WANT to ride my horse.

In other news of my life (because I know you all love reading it SO Much *kidding*) we're going to move. We live in a bottom half of a house and the upstairs neighbors have twins who are 2. They are loud, our house is dark, and pretty much we can find something bigger for the same amount that we're paying here. 800 sf in Seattle? It's $1000.00 plus utilities. It sucks! Denali's board is $450.00 (almost half our rent, but don't remind my husband.) We went today and saw an AMAZING place, it was HUGE with tons of storage. It also had my three requirements: washer, dryer, dishwasher. We told her we were interested, but then after talking about it we decided to tell her no. It was a hard decision, but it wasn't in the BEST neighborhood and I am alone every summer while the hubby works in Alaska (for new readers he's an archeologist.) I just want to live in a place where I'm not afraid at night. I'm a HUGE baby. I'm 6 feet tall and could PROBABLY take most people, but still. I'm a huge chicken. We're going tomorrow to look at another house, it's more than we want to spend but it looks amazing.

We haven't told our landlords yet. I wanted to tell them, my hubby wants to wait. We're going to let them know before the weekend is over that we're looking. It's weird because they sort of feel like family, and that we're letting them down. I just want more room. My neighbor/landlord DID think that my cross country skis were his and cut them in half to make a sled. He told my husband, NOT me. I'm PISSED! (I'm a pissy person in case you haven't noticed.)

Thanks to everyone who has become a "follower." It's nice to know how many people MIGHT be reading my babbling.

Off to play Mario Brothers Wii with my husband. If you want marital strife, buy the game. We fight non-stop while playing. It's SO FUN!


Mrs Mom said...

Hey the occassional slip up when DIEting is allowed. Keeps us sane and on track ;)

Moving... tough one! Can see why though. Hope you can find the perfect spot!

Gryph said...

He should replace those skis for you!


Promise said...

Do you give yourself a cheat day? If not, it's highly recommended by every trainer I've ever met. It keeps you sane to have 1 day to look forward to, and be able to eat whatever the heck you want. :)

Man, every summer he's in Alaska? How do you guys do it? I'm looking at 6-8 months of more long-distance than we've been doing (right now he's in the same state and we see each other about once a month, in 3 weeks, he'll be 1300 miles away, and won't see each other until he comes back). It's daunting, even though I know it's temporary.