Monday, February 15, 2010


This video is adorable!

I am going tomorrow to a different barn with a different trainer. I need to get over my ridiculous fear of riding. I hoped up on my trainers horse tonight, and my heart was in my throat. I don't understand why. Yes, it's been since November since I rode, but I still have something I worry about and I can't put my finger on it. (Dying might be it)

I love my trainer, I love my horse, I love my barn. I just need a change of scenery. The trainer I'm going to is highly recommended by a woman I really respect. We'll see. Wish me luck!


thenamesmarry said...

Adorable is right! I love watching animals play...they are absolutely hilarious!

P.S. - a few posts ago, you asked about blogs. I'd love to have mine on your sidebar, and I'd love to have more than two

eva e. hardy said...

I had a really bad experience at my barn over the summer and every time I got back on to ride there I was a nervous wreck. I started taking lessons at my trainer's barn and found it easier to ride at her place. I never seemed to get over my fear at my barn and it was killing my confidence. I finally moved to a new place and things got much better immediately and I was able to work past my issues. I hope things work out better at the new place!

FlyinSoLow said...

I wish you luck.

Sometimes all you do need is a fresh start, and some people are a little better with 'phobias' then others might be. All you can do is try.

ps. the video IS adorable!

Denali said...

Right? I use to really want a mini, this makes me want one even more. I have no idea what i'd do with it!

I agree eva e. hardy! I had a bad, BAD experience with Denali last January and moved her to her current barn. I'm not afraid of her on the ground (use to be terrified) I really REALLY wish I could describe what her attitude was like. She was PSYCHO! We moved her to her current barn, which I love, but I still need work. I hopped up on my trainers horse last night, and my heart was in my throat. I got him to do everything, I just thought I was going to die the entire time.

We'll see how today goes. Thanks!!

Jay Jennings said...

Maybe it's cause my horses have always been rescues with issues, maybe it's cause I'm really dense and not that bright... but I've had to learn about letting go on horseback.

Fear, stress at work, family stress: if I bring that into the area (or on trials) I'm gonna end up on the ground.

I've always viewed riding (on my horses) as something similar to yoga. When I'm with them; thats their time, everything I have brought with me to the barn leaves at the door. It also goes for what ever happened in yesterdays workout. If I've fallen or we have had a fuss; today is a new day.

Horses are body language readers, thats how they communicate to each other in the wild herds. If you carry that fear with you, they will know, and because your not confident they will probably not take you seriously and truly trust you.

It's hard, we have all been there; best of luck!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

First off, I think I missed a couple things. First off-you go by "Denali" bc of your girl-do you go by your name at all? Reason being, I have a couple of Denali followers on my blog and I get confused! LOL!
Secondly-The riding fear. Did it develop b/c of the time off due to your knee injury? Or is it just b/c you are dealing with your pretty OTTB. I ask b/c I sometimes struggle with that as well. Being a 1st time horse owner and my Laz is an 8 yr old OTTB (as u know) can be a firecracker and sometimes I fear I'll need to ride in diapers, lol!
Just curious..I think it's brave to talk about the 'fear' and work through it so I'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with it.
Keep up the good blogginess! :)

Mustang Cheyenne said...

I've found that riding with confident riders really helps to boost my confidence. Not confident as in "Look at me I have all this experience and training" confident... but "in control" riders who aren't afraid of a spook or two. I always love having someone by my side when I take Cheyenne somewhere new or try something different with her, there's nothing like moral support from someone who's not judgmental.

Denali said...

Hey Kristen, I go by Denali because that's her name. I don't mention mine ever. It sounds stupid, but I don't want it to come back to me (the crap that I say about the EVIL WITCH) I'm just really always afraid that something will happen to her. I know, I know, ridiculous!

I had 0 fear. None, zip, zilch. I bought Denali and I rode her. I rode her bare back and in a halter. I rode her without fear. I took it as she's not mean, she's learning.

Then. I left. I moved.

I bought Denali July 08 and I moved at the end of Sept. 08 I left her with a friend.

I came back to a different horse. She was angry, she was depressed, she was spiteful. She was 200 pounds underweight.

I made the mistake of getting on her right away. She freaked the !@#$ out. She would take off and spook at anything. I wasn't prepared for that. Coming off her actually helped me because I realized it wasn't that bad.

I was going to sell her. Hubby said no. I moved to a new barn and she got better. I didn't.

I hope that makes sense.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yes, Yes, makes sense for sure. I have been dealing with similar yet different situations with Laz's care. I try to keep him on a simple diet and the BO wanted to fatten him up quickly with oats/grain/corn, etc which made him CRAZY COOOKOOO!!! I totally see a difference in him now that Vet said NO grain only low sugar/low starch senior feed for now and I'll revise again when he's healthy.
But those days of crazy, were scary and I felt like a loosing failure, and feared the panic and anxiety i felt somedays pulling in the driveway to ride. That isn't how it should be.
You will get over it and it does take work but I know you will get there and you know what, sometimes you make great strides and somedays you may retreat. It's all part of it, I think.
Keep up the great work! :)