Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Update (In Photos)

Welcome to my life! This is a LONG one since I actually took photos! Aren't you proud of me!! We got the truck lined (Linex) and had to pick it up bright and early on Saturday morning. I had my camera with me on as my husband drove me over to pick up his truck. (It was early and I didn't want to drive.) So I took some photos as we went over Lake Washington.

This is what I LOVE about living in the PNW. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mountains! I took these while the husband was driving, not bad I think!

Mt. Rainer is so majestic and amazing, I love it and it always takes my breath away! I have never seen Mt. McKinley, but I assume that it is just as amazing, and that is why my horse is named after a mountain. Actually, she's named after Mt. McKinley because I wanted to name her after a mountain (because she's huge) and I stood in the arena naming mountains with Ophie's mom and I suggested McKinley (because my husband was in Alaska at the time) and she reminded me of the other name for the mountain, I liked Denali much better! I'm going to go there someday.

Back to my weekend, I went to visit another friend's horse first. It was really early, and Ms. Denali is not a morning horse. Very much like her mother. I actually understand her much better when I think of her as the horse version of me.

I finally got to the barn around noon after spending a few hours with a friend and her horse. It's always nice to visit other barns. I love "barn hopping." I love this photo! It's hilarious only because she looks so tiny! She's between 16hh and 16.1hh. I need to actually stick her and figure that out. Here she looks like a tiny pony!

I got Ms. D out of her field and brought her into the barn. I haven't been out this week at all. I've been so busy with work, and this week isn't looking much better. I put her in the cross ties and could tell that she just needed to burn off steam. She perks her ears and is extra perceptive about what's going on around her. We had review who was the boss, but she quickly came to an understanding. I put her bell boots on her and took her out into the arena. Usually, once I take her halter off she stands there and kind of follows me around. Saturday she took off like a bat out of hell as soon as I had it in my hands. I actually took video of her in the daylight!! Aren't you proud of me!! No pretty, fancy movement on her part, I was a little bummed since it was light and I could actually see what I was doing!
Is that a camel?? How funny that she is able to be So pretty, and then again SO Ugly looking! I hope she never gets access to the Internet, she'd be so mad if she knew I posted this.

It was in the high 50s so I decided that today would be bath day. She LOVES BATHS!! She stands perfectly still and doesn't budge an inch. ALTHOUGH. We did have an interesting incident during the bath.... She's in heat, and did while I was washing her tail. do I say this without being gross?? Let's just say that she was VERY receptive to the warm water from the hose. Anyone else ever have something like this happen? I can go into details if you don't get what I'm trying to say.... My friend's boyfriend laughed his ass off when I told him of her shower time.

Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, Correction: It was still pitch black out. Ophelia and her mom were going to their first show, and so i went to be supportive. I woke up at 5 and was at the barn by 6. It's funny, I can happily hop out of bed to go to a horse show, but if it was a weekday and I had to go to work I'd be a very unhappy camper!

Gee. Who braided Ophie's tail? It looks pretty good! Lol, I have NEVER braided a horses tail before and asked Ophie's mom if I could give it a go since we had time to kill before their class. (Hurry up and wait!) I think it turned out pretty nice!! I've done braids before, but Ophie's mane is so long I couldn't get it to look nice, I did a rope braid but she shook it out and I didn't have time to go back and put bands in it as I went.

While waiting for Ophie's class I walked around the ranch. It's a HUGE facility! I met this guy while I was trying to take pictures of the mountains and as soon as he saw my camera he started to put on a show for me. Lol, I must have 20 of him just running and playing. I sent them via e-mail to the ranch in case the owner would like them. Some of them are really nice. I was proud of myself. Actually, it was perfect lighting and my camera didn't need any adjusting.

And more of a reason of why I love the PNW!

As for the horse show, guess who got first place in her first show?! Ms. Ophelia and her mom. She was a nervous bundle of energy and her mom did an amazing job of working with her. I was very proud. I was a nervous wreck, I couldn't imagine actually showing myself. I'm afraid they'd need to ACE me before I went into the ring, forget Denali!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I'm sitting on the couch watching the Super Bowl commercials in between the game. I always LOVE the ones with the Clydesdales. I always tear up. Lol. Pretty ridiculous!!

And honey, if you're reading this because you're wondering what I've been typing so furiously on for the past 20 minutes, know how much I love you. :) Horse husbands are the best!! Thank you for all that you put up with!!! (And it's a lot!)


KatieI said...

Aww she's so cute running around that arena! I love seeing horses be playful like that:) I love the area you live in too! My cousins live in the area and I love to visit them. Would love to live there someday!

Bo Delmont said...

D rocking the pink bell boots; nice!

Denali said...

It is beautiful! I am from the East Coast, and someday we hope to move back, but I will really miss the mountains.

Lol, I love those pink boots. You can't miss her when she's in the field and it's pitch black. I swear they glow in the dark. If she doesn't wear them she'll rip her shoes off quicker than I can count to 3.

Jooles said...

I love your blog, its a really good read. Denali sounds such a character and she looks fab in the video.

SprinklerBandit said...

And she does a lovely flying lead change @44 seconds in the video. The light is a huge improvement.

Michelle said...

Love the photos! And the video too. You have a great site and I'm looking forward to coming back for more!

Denali said...

Thank you! I enjoy telling my story here. I enjoy it a lot when everything posts comments they make my day.

lytha said...

That's my mountain: )

I miss them more than anything else.

~lytha in Germany