Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What would you do?

Nice right? Seriously, Sometimes I think I'm on a reality TV show and I look for the cameras, this has to be a joke! Ugh. Nothing is broken (yay!) however, I tore off the top part of my toe, should have gotten stitches, but didn't and now I have this nice contraption to wear until it starts to heal properly. I tore underneath the nail, but not right under if any of this rambling makes sense. It really was a feat only I am capable of doing! I have almost as much talent when it comes to injuring myself as Ms. Denali does.

In other non-me injuring myself news. I bought a lottery ticket. I buy them every once in a while when I have time to dream and can think "what if." The slogan for Washington Lottery is "Who's Life Would You Change" (or something like that.)

Funny story. A few years ago I worked with an older Vietnamese man at the middle school I was teaching at. He was very quiet, and I don't think I ever really talked to him. I kept to myself and my kids. One day he came up to me in the hallway and rambled on and on about how nice it was outside, how hard I work, yada, yada, yada. He was so talkative! AND It was SO weird!

That was the first and last time he ever talked to me.

That night on the news I watched as he was handed a check for 65 Million Dollars!! We never heard from him again. We joked that he called in rich. He had apparently knew that he won, but came to work JUST IN CASE he didn't get the check. Lucky you! :)

If I won the lottery (dreaming via the Internet now) there are a lot of things I'd like to do. The first thing is I would make it so my parents and my husband's parents could retire. They deserve it.

Next step: I'd buy my dream house complete with an amazing 7 stall barn and heated indoor arena. Everything would be wood, and the stalls would be huge! Something like below. I'd then of course need some more horses to fill the barn. I'd ideally like to take in some retired racehorses, ones who were like Denali, didn't do anything special at the track, but need a place to just be a horse. I don't care if they're ridable or not.

I'd have my saddle made for me and Ms. Denali and I would just ride my horse. I would probably go back to work once I got over the initial, "I'm a multi-millionaire", but before I did that I'd just ride my horse. I'd have all the time in the world right?

I'd probably want some super amazing horse that's out there, but I'm not even going to try to look for a picture because that will take up hours.

I'd buy a truck that could pull a trailer.

I'd like to be able to donate money to my favorite rescues and help them out anyway I can. I'd actually like to start my own low cost gelding and a program for people who have horses who need help with medical bills, but can't afford them. (This is something I'd like to do regardless, but to do this you need money and I don't have a lot of that lying around.)

I'd also like to set up a scholarship in my mentor's name for students with EBD, something for them to work towards when they graduate from high school. I want them to graduate from high school, not necessarily go to college.

And to appease my husband I'd invest most of it for retirement! I know there are pros and cons to winning money. I've watched all of those Dateline specials, but honestly, I think I could handle it :) I'd like the chance to prove it!

What would you buy if you won 65 million dollars?


RandomBucknellian said...

Hmmm, that's a nice chunk of change!
Firstly, I'd donate probably 5 million to a therapeutic/ rec riding barn I volunteered and worked at for over five years (hey, they can name an indoor arena or barn after me, whatever) to get upgrades like auto waterers, some new horses, buy some land and better farm equipment, etc.

I'd also like to buy a decent home I can build a barn on, hire someone to look after the horses, take on some boarders, maybe host some shows in a nice covered arena.

Any horses I'd end up with would probably be pasture puffs, so I think I'd like to have a retirement farm so people have someplace they can send their oldies to. I'd like at least a trail horse, maybe something to do local H/J shows on.

The key is hiring someone- so I don't have to be the millionaire who lugs around water buckets, lol (I do enough of that already).

SprinklerBandit said...

If I had 65 million... I'd...

Wow. This requires a lot of thought. I think I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Nicku said...

Thank you for inspiring my blog post today!

Frizzle said...

See my Christmas post, lol. I wished for a lot of the same things.
(Oh, and even though a heated indoor would be nice, I've read that it's actually bad for horses.)

Denali said...

I've read too that it's bad for horses. Maybe I should have said really well insulated? :o)