Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kid overload

Wow! I have the best readers EVER! I love all of your comments, thanks a bunch! I love reading what everyone has to say.

I'm sure that I've mentioned before what I do for a living. I work with kids with severe emotional/behavioral disabilities. Go put that in perspective, I got called a f!@#ing b!@#h over 50 times yesterday (I stopped counting after 50) by a 6 year old. He was mad because he didn't want to do his math. An hour later he was back to loving me. I love my job!

I'm going out to see Ms. Denali after work tomorrow (I hope.) I haven't been out this week (so when you write about having your horse 5 minutes from you, you're SO lucky!!) I took a friend's daughter out on Monday. She is 7 and was IN LOVE with Denali. Apparently the little munchkin went home and was pretending to be a horse. I guess her conversation with her mom went something like this.

Mom: Hi Mary, did you have fun.

Kid: YES! I'm not Mary, I'm Denali. (At which point she started cantering around.)

(10 minutes passed)

Kid 2 (older sister): MOM!! Mary just kicked me!

Mom: Mary! Why did you kick your sister?

Kid: I'm not Mary! I'm Denali, and sometimes I'm a naughty horse!!

Opps! Maybe I shouldn't have kids of my own.


KatieI said...

So funny! I remember being that age and pretending to be a horse. Maybe she will get bit by the horse bug:)

SprinklerBandit said...

I spent most of my childhood as a horse or playing with model horses or setting up jump courses in our back yard with my sister and pretending that we were showing horses. The neighbors probably thought we were nuts.

Nicku said...

That is the cutest story about your friends daughter :)
Yes, those of us with our horses close by are super lucky. I was in serious denial when my baby horse was 30 minutes away for a few months this winter! It was awful!!!

Denali said...

I have never had my horse closer than 19 miles, which translates to 40 minutes in Seattle traffic :( No fun!!