Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Once Upon a Time....

Do you know what I hate? Pathological liars. Hate might be the understatement of the year, and I usually can tell when they are lying, but continue to ask questions just for fun.

Let me tell you a story....

Once upon a time there was a horse. This horse was very famous in the PNW because he bit a certain kill buyer. His owner was a very selfish woman who obviously didn't care about him, since she "requested" that he went to slaughter.

Fast forward. There is a girl who is looking at a horse. The horse is amazing, beautifully built and nicely put together. He is an OTTB, and still young. The horse is owned by a friend of mine and the girl who is looking at the horse use to board with me. I've been told by many people that this girl is a liar. I've always wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and ignored many of her stories that I knew were not true, just because I always try to see the good in people.

Another few days go by. I get text messages that the horse was sold to the woman who dumped the first TB at the auction. I was shocked, especially since the 2nd, younger TB looked SO MUCH like the first one. I asked the girl if I could contact someone to look into the situation. She said sure, but she didn't want her name mentioned. I agreed and contacted this person to look into it.

The story seemed so real. She described to me the truck, trailer, the woman, that it was her name on the check. That she was there with a check for $3,000 offering the horse, but that the owner said he'd rather have the $5,000. She told me with frustration in her voice that he didn't want to load, that he knew that he was going with an evil woman.

The next day she sent me texts (which I still have saved if you care) describing how she overheard a certain trainer talking about this new horse she went in on with the woman who sent the first horse to slaughter. (Still following me.)

I gave this information to the person who was helping me. She contacted the owner, and some things were said that weren't very nice (or so I was told.) I start to realize that the girl who went to look at the horse was lying. I tell her she needs to call the owner and tell her that she did. She tells me that she did. I decide to call the owner and explain what happened. I didn't want people who both have the same passion to be angry at each other because someone decided to come up with an elaborate story that I believed. The owner, thankfully, believed me and totally understood. She's mad. She's upset. But, not at me.

The next day. She calls the girl. She asks the girl what happened. The girl then proceeds to tell the owner that I MADE UP the whole thing! WTF! Seriously? Luckily the owner and I have known each other for some time and she knows that I'm not that kind of person. The owner finally got her to admit that she lied. Why? That's what I want to know. Why do people do crazy things like this?

In case you missed it. The horse in question, the one who supposedly went to the woman who sent her last one to slaughter? She's not with her, I don't think she even knows he exists. He's in a very happy home.

The girl then sends me an e-mail telling me that people have called her phone and told her she's a horrible owner, etc. etc. I find it interesting since I talked to both the other women and neither of them gave out her number. I asked her to not contact me again. Really? I'm almost 30, the last thing I want to be involved in is drama. You started it. If you'd like to finish it the right way, that's great, but when you drag my name through mud and say that I AM THE ONE LYING, as my friend puts it, "So not okay!"

We'll be back to our normal pony loving broadcasts tomorrow. I just needed to vent. Since I can't vent to other people because I don't want to spread the story around, I figure I'd let you hear it. I'm sure she's saying horrible things about all three of us. I don't care. You can only cry wolf so many times.

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