Friday, February 12, 2010


When I was younger I never quite understood what the big excitement was about Fridays. Sure, I didn't need to go to school, but that was about it when it came to understanding WHY they were so great.

After trying to get my classroom full of 9 little boys, and 1 little girl organized for our Valentine's Day Party all I have to say is TGIF!!

I have all week off next week. Can we say excited?! I am so happy for a break! I am in charge of our schools fish tank, so I need to go in and clean the tank and feed the fish, but I don't mind that. My classroom is a disaster, so hopefully by Friday it will be clean.

I want to spend lots of time with my pony. I really hate not being able to spend everyday with her. I wonder what she thinks? When I bought her, I knew that I'd only be able to spend time with her for 2 and a half months. I spent almost everyday with her. Hours and hours. I made sure that she had everything she needed and I love her. THEN. THEN I MOVED. I spent everyday for 108 days worrying about her. I worried she was happy, I worried she was safe, I worried she was fed, I feel like my worries were justified now.

Have you ever left your horse for an extended period of time? How was the outcome for you?

In the summer I spend a ton of time with her. THEN school starts, and my time with her goes from tons to very little. Sigh. I love her barn. I don't love that I have to fight Seattle traffic to get to her. I guess a lot of me gets jealous of people who get to see her everyday, who get to love on her and I own her. I want to be able to do those things everyday. Who wouldn't want to love on this face!!
She's starting to shed out pretty good now! Her tan markings are getting lighter which is usually a good sigh. Speaking of that. What color do you think she is? Her paper says black/brown, and sure, she's a bay, but I would say Seal Brown. Not that any of this matters, I need coffee and I'm rambling!! Off to work!!


Rachel said...

i would go with your classic "Black Bay".

Denali said...

I just think it's funny all the variations on a "bay"

Jay Jennings said...

Black Bay is my vote. That's what they call mine who looks very similar.

SprinklerBandit said...

Yep, black bay here too. My old TB mare and Izzy are both that color. Maybe it's common for TBs out of Seattle... I don't know.

I see Izzy pretty much every day, and I know how lucky I am. My super flexible schedule is amazing. I think a week away is an extended period of time... I can't imagine being away longer.

Denali said...

The picture for a black bay is above.

The picture for a seal brown is above.

Funny. Got to love Wiki!

Jay Jennings said...

Gotta love Wikipedia.

DNA color testing seems fairly cheep; I see prices on Google starting from $40.00.

has nice descriptions of color. I was told mine isn't a brown or seal brown bay because the areas of her armpits and under hips (nice technical terms I'm using here) are black rather than the same light brown around her mussel.

BUT.... its your horse call her what ever you like to caller her. I got tired of all the arguments over if my Dun is a Gold Dun vs. a Buck Skin Dun. So now I just say she's yellow. If someone gets all pissy about it, it's their hang up not mine.

Denali said...

I can't write what I call my horse, I'd have to make a warning sign on my blog. :)


OTTB-Little Big Red said...

If I read one more post about horses starting to shed I'm going to scream.

I'm in Central Texas and it was snowing/sleeting yesterday. Little Big Red hasn't shed a single hair.

Denali said...

Yikes!! Ugh! That's no fun! Don't worry! She'll shed out then we'll get a cold snap!! That's how it always works. She has 3 different blankets to deal with the crazy PNW weather.