Friday, February 19, 2010

Perfect Day

Today was the last day of my vacation. I did NOTHING over break that I was planning on doing. My garden still needs to be cleaned up, my house still needs a good spring scrub, and my classroom is a disaster. Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it. I work much better under pressure. I always have, I'm a procrastinator at heart. I spent yesterday sitting on a park bench looking at the mountains. I never get bored of them.

I spent the morning getting my lessons together for the next 5 weeks. I wanted to be semi organized before school starts on Monday. I had the copier going from 9 - 12 today. I have PILES of papers all over. I figured this weekend I can go in and get everything organized....OR...I can go play with Ponies. I'll give you a guess of what I'll choose.

I ran out to the barn today and got to watch Denali's lessor ride her. D's leg is still a little swollen, but nothing like she was the other day. I watched for a while then couldn't take it. I ran and put on my pants/boots/helmet and stole my pony back for a short spin (after they were done.) I have to say, there is nothing like sitting on your own horse. She's just so comfortable, and I feel really good on her back.

I just wanted to walk around the arena without freaking the !@#$ out. I feel successful at that. It's funny, I forget how super sensitive she is to your seat. I kept telling myself to take deep breaths and calm down. Each time I did her ears would relax and she'd put her head down. As soon as I'd tense up again, up her head came and her ears went on alert. I need to remember this. I still don't understand how she feels that through a leather saddle. I can sit on her back, squeeze my butt cheeks together three times (like the Wizard of Oz) and she'll back up.

Denali was in such a great mood today. She was super cute, and extra lovey. It was fun to be around her, it was a great day!! Her new blanket came, so I switched out her heavy weight winter blanket for the lighter weight one until it starts to stay warmer during the day.

Hopefully the nice weather stays. When it rains, Denali gets board and does things like this:That reminds me...I need to go buy a board.

After riding I went to Sam's Club to pick up some Nature Valley bars to put into SOMEONE'S 6th birthday cake for Monday. I ran in after riding, so I still had my pants and boots on. I was asked by an old man if I'd groom him. (No.) Then I was asked by two teenagers if I was really riding of if I was just trying to make a fashion statement. Yes. I woke up at 8 am and spent HOURS getting myself this dirty and smelly as part of my fashion statement. Sigh.

Oh, and if you need a good laugh read this. IT'S HILARIOUS! I went to high school with her, and just love reading it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - the horse you describe sound eerily like our mare in terms of her history - and she was about to be put to sleep when she was given to my daughter, and she comes from your part of the world.

She is a chestnut with a blaze and one hind white ankle sock. Her sire is Walldorf, dam Pam's Pita by Spanish Way. Please e-mail me at ayearwithhorses[at]me[dot]com if you know the answer to this question one way or the other, If it is the same horse, it would give us great comfort in facing the difficult decisions we are making.

Denali said...

Kate, I e-mailed you. I am going to find out who the sire was today.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Hello!! Thanks for stopping by my horsey place!
Your mare is gorgeous!! Mine is NOT from he riding the trails is not dangerous.( I cracked up with your comment!)
I really hope you get to some is most relaxing for me and the mare!
What part of the NW are you?

Denali said...

Hi KK, I'm in Seattle. :) I guess that wouldn't be dangerous! You made me feel better!!