Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Pony Mom

I have been a horrible, horrible horse mom this week. I haven't been out to the barn since Monday. Work had me swamped and I was trying to get everything organized for the Ice Cream Social that my class hosted. Yep, 10 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders with Emotional/Behavioral disabilities HOSTED an ice cream social. We had around 30 people come to our room and my little guys seated, them, took their orders, made the orders and cleaned up. They did AWESOME! I was so, so impressed, especially since our first two practice runs looked more like Hell's Kitchen.

Some things we need to work on next time.
1. Seat people who come together, together. (We had some people come and one of the "waiters" would seat one at one table and another at another table.) Still cute!
2. When you're taking ice cream cones out to people, if it's dripping DON'T LICK IT!

That's about it when it comes to things they need to work on. They were adorable. I taught them to hold the trays on their hips and to put the pen behind their ears. They all had little chef hats on that we made. I was a very proud, tired teacher. Here's a picture of the aftermath.

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