Monday, February 15, 2010


I found this video informative (edit: interesting). I was playing around on Youtube (I do have a life, I promise) looking at random horse videos and found this. SO. In case you didn't know, or you haven't seen this. Ta.Da!

I taught English for two years, I should stop and think before I just throw out adjectives.


Jay Jennings said...

Tug of War is a great book on how modern training is ruining many horses in the sport.

It's a very technical book, and can be a bit dry. But by far the best that's out there; especially when I've seen it for under $20 now.

Also; I think it can be borrowed from King County Library

Suzie said...

I started to respond, but it got too long. :(

Frizzle said...

Exactly why I love the classical riders like Steffen Peters!
Unfortunately, judges keep scoring the rollkur-trained horses very highly even though the horses are often not completely "correct." It's the judges' fault that this has gotten so popular -- if they stopped rewarding the rollkur-trained horses, this practice would stop.