Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ebay Giving Works-SCR

I love horses (duh!) and I love helping horses in need. Being that I bought my first horse at an auction, and know how horrible a place it is, I never want a horse to have to go through there again (because it only goes from bad to worse if you're not bought.)

I can only rescue one, but I can try to help others. If you're a "fan" of Hercules the Horse on facebook (I made the page, probably the only thing 1,000's of people will ever follow) you can now donate directly to Second Chance Ranch the place that pulled him from the kill pen and gave him a new chance at life.

Second Chance Ranch is now signed up with Mission Fish, and that means that when you sell things on eBay, you can put down a percentage of the sale price to go directly to the rescue. The other great thing? The fee is waved. That means it doesn't cost you anything to donate. Clean out your tack lockers and give! If you have a rescue near you that you support instead, check to see if they are on the eBay Giving Works list of non-profits. It is easy (or so I was told) to fill out documentation.

*Disclaimer* I have nothing to do with Second Chance Ranch. I volunteer, that's it. I don't want any of my stupidity on here to ever be linked to the Ranch. Anyone who saves horses from slaughter gets a plus in my book :)

If you are a Fan of Herc, (and why wouldn't you be?) then check out the discussions. There is a brand new pair of shipping boots with 100% of the profits going to SCR.

I will write more ramblings later. :) Boy does my butt hurt today from riding yesterday! Lol, I forgot what it was like!


Denali said...

Side Note: Can I just mention how excited I am that I finally figured out how to use the links? Lol. Watch out I'm going to link to everything now! :)

Frizzle said...

Hey, did you see that Smartpak is having a special on Ex-Stress? You get a 2.67 pound jar for the price of a 2 pound jar ($57). Not bad, eh?

Denali said...

Really!?! Going there now! Thanks!

Denali said...

Thanks! Just bought it! Do you use it? I love it! I only give her 1/2 the dose because she doesn't get grain at night, only the morning. The jar said to give 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM and I was (overanxious horse owner) afraid that it would hurt her. lol.

Frizzle said...

Hey, I ordered it and got it on Monday -- thanks for the tip! Salem doesn't need a "calming" supplement, but I figure something making him more focused isn't a bad thing! He can get a little distracted.
Oh, and you can give her the full dose all at once -- Smartpak says that they give both scoops in one feeding when you order it in the Smartpaks, so go ahead!