Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Do you ever go on dreamhorse.com? I must admit that I often will go there and play around with all the options under "Advanced Search" to see what my "dream horse" would look like if I got everything that I wanted in a horse. Here is what I got.
He is an 11 year old Hanoverian (not something I was specifically looking for) Here is his ad (I wish I was a millionaire, stupid lottery ;) looks like I'll need to go to work tomorrow!


Lets play a game! Go to www.dreamhorse.com and under advanced search put in exactly what you'd want in a horse. Post you links!

P.S. Here I'm being selfish : Is there 1 more person out there that wants to become a follower? :) Then I could have an even 50. :)


FlyinSoLow said...

I could not find my 'dream horse'... I guess he just isn't for sale yet ;)

My Dream horss is an Appaloosa Gelding less than 5 years old that could show (in ApHC shows) either Western Pleasure or Reining (perhaps cow events?), I would LOVE to do either.

He wouldn't have to be finished already, just capable of the goal. Size and color I could care less about. It could be a stallion, but he would be gelded as soon as I got ownership haha.

I wanted to just get out of horses until I could afford and buy what I wanted... but that didn't go as planned ^_^' and I doubt the little guy I have now will work out, but you never know I might enjoy what he is going to be good at more (though I wish he would do either of the events listed above :( ).

Heres to dreaming I guess, cheers!

KatieI said...

OOO love the guy you found.
Here is mine:


I have always wanted a Fresian and this guy is so cool:)

Denali said...

What a beauty!! WOW! I went to a horse show on Sunday and there was a Fresian who everytime he cantered past me the earth would shake. It was amazing!!! Ugh! I love them!

SprinklerBandit said...


Here's mine. Not surprisingly, she's a lot like Izzy, just a little further along. What can I say? I really, really like my horse.

Denali said...

Mine is what i hope Denali will be, personality wise I can't top her. I'd like her to be a consistant 1 on the calm scale, but sometimes she spikes to the 10

andrea said...

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