Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SO's (Significant Others)

This isn't exactly Pony related, but kind of....

As I lay on the couch recovering from a migraine, I thought I'd talk a little bit about my husband (who ran out to get gas in my car so that I don't have to, after making me dinner.) He's such a great guy. My female friends all think he should teach their SO's how to be better husbands/boyfriends and my guy friends keep telling me they're going to throw him out of the "guy" club. :)

My Valentines day flowers, and my pre-Valentines day flowers

Reasons that my husband rocks:

1. I bought Denali while he was working at in a remote field camp in Alaska (in the arctic circle.) He had no phone, and no e-mail. I wrote him a letter explaining to him what I had done (even after we discussed NOT getting a horse due to $$$) and he didn't divorce me. :) He did go running to find a satellite phone, to call to see if I had really done what I said I did. Yep! (I won't pretend that he was totally fine with me purchasing a huge financial burden, but he didn't divorce me... :) )

2. He puts up with me smelling like horse, my car smelling like horse, my clothes all smelling like horse.

3. He puts up with the fact that I go to the barn around 3 nights a week, every weekend and I am rarely home for dinner on time.

4. He has me call when I leave the barn and has dinner waiting for me when I walk in the door.

5. He doesn't get mad at me when I willingly hop out of bed at 5am to go to a horse show, but throw a 2 year old fit if he wakes me up at 8am to go run errands with him.

6. When the vet informed me that Denali was sick, and that it would cost at least $2,000 dollars to treat her, he didn't blink an eye and questioned why I was asking him permission.

7. He's not a "horse person" but he loves Denali and she loves him. I still joke that someday I'll need to buy my own horse. Those two have the weirdest bond. He only sees her around once every two months, but she LOVES HIM!!

8. Even though I'm a teacher, and he's in grad school/researcher, he doesn't complain or make a huge deal over the fact that it costs us $450.00 a month JUST for board.

9. When Denali was a Psycho last January, I sat down and started making her an ad on dreamhorse. He informed me that I wasn't allowed to sell "Our" horse, and that I'd just need to think of something else. I told him it would cost more money to find a better barn, and he said, "So." (If you knew my husband, he's very money conscious and is always trying to save for retirement.)

10. He's my best friend. He understands how much that four legged, money burning, time stealing beast means to me. He doesn't get mad or upset with me, and I don't know if he'll ever understand how much that means to me.

If you want to hear a hilarious story, I'll need to tell you HOW I met my husband... I'll let your imaginations run wild right now...

How do your SO's deal with your horse obsession?


Jay Jennings said...

Horse Radio Network's Stable Scoop's annual horse husbands podcast is this week. It's all about famous riders and there husbands and how they deal with horse obsessed wives.

My first wife was a total DQ and very competitive; when I started to learn to ride it was very difficult.

After the divorce, finding a GF that fit into the horse driven life style was very difficult. It's very hard to find someone who understands the fact you will be gone 4hrs a night 6 days a week to ride.

But I'm very lucky; K and I found each other, our training methods are very similar, our work ethic with the horses are very similar, dealing with crazy mental horses doesn't bother her and she does it with the same calm collection that I do. And both of us have a soft spot for the hard luck cases that no one else wants or can't deal with.

SprinklerBandit said...

Your husband sounds amazing. You're very lucky to have him.

I came with a horse, so my husband didn't have the shock of suddenly owning one, but he's learned to make the best of it. I'm a morning person. He is not. Thus, he loves the pony on weekend mornings when I leap out of bed to go riding instead of staying home and bugging him. He never rides in my car because of the smell, but he's ok with me spending my time and money on Izzy instead of whatever else I would fritter it away with. I don't have a fulltime job (yet, at least), but he doesn't complain that I basically have an awesome life and tons of time to spend riding.

KatieI said...

I am luck that I have a husband very similar to yours. He has his own horse of course but right now, I ride his horse more than him because he's in full grad school mode. He puts up with a lot from me about the horses and never questions when I need to buy something for them or if I come home really late. It's nice to have SO's that "get it".

Mustang Cheyenne said...

My fiancee has been wonderful for putting up with Cheyenne and I. Mind you, I am a full time college student, did NOT have the $ to buy a horse, but did it anyway. Of course, I have made it work by working extra just to support the horse... so he puts up with my lack of free time (between working, Cheyenne, school, interning...)

He is NOT a horse person (rode one for the first time after we started dating) but he tolerates, and even encourages my love for horses. He took me horse back riding in the mountains of NC as a Christmas present (he even came along) and he always buys Cheyenne a big bag of carrots when he goes to the grocery store. He's so cute because he tries to learn and help me... he's been my right hand man in helping me train her believe it or not. When I need some extra help from the ground (with a lunge line for example) he's always willing.

He always makes me laugh with the silly things he points out because he's concerned about her. My favorite...

Him: "Becky! Look! She cut open the insides of her leg!"

Me: *freaking out, naturally* WHAT??!! Where? What are you talking about?

Him: "Look? On both sides! Don't you see those huge scabs?"

Me: *confused... then relieved?* "Those?" *pointing to her chestnuts*

Him: "YES! How did she do that?"


Sweet, sweet man. :)


Denali said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! That's HILARIOUS!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Your hubbies sounds awesome..I'm lucky too to have one of those. One of his funniest moments with Laz was him commenting on "Yea..that's my boy." while Laz extended his manhood to show his Daddy what he's made of. Gross.

Denali said...

Ha ha ha! Funny Laz!