Sunday, February 14, 2010

Difference in Opinions

Here is how I THOUGHT our day would go:

I would go to the barn, get out the saddle, bridle, boots, side reins, etc. Spend some time loving on her (since I haven't been out since Sunday) then tack up and work on transitions on the lunge line.

Here's how Denali saw it:

My mom pulled in to the barn in her crappy old car. She doesn't even have the audacity to come say hi to me right away, she instead gets out my work stuff. She comes up, doesn't even let me nibble grass on the way back to the barn. This makes me mad. I then get my feet cleaned out. She puts on my stupid pink boots and leads me (she didn't like when I lead her) into the arena. She closes the gate, and I THOUGHT that I was free so I started to take off. I was STILL attached to my lead line, and started to buck in place. I got so scared that I started to buck in place. Mommy's friends came running because they thought I ate her. He he he....

Mom back in:

Denali defiantly started to buck in place. It was pretty funny, she has a bite mark behind her ear (not funny) and when she pulled back she got pressure there, and it obviously hurt. Poor thing. I made her walk with me to lock the other door (so she wouldn't open it again.) I can usually tell when she's full of beans, and I had no idea. She was so lazy walking in and getting groomed. As soon as that halter was loose she was off. She literally ran non-stop for 20 minutes. I got bored and started to take video. After about 10 minutes Ophie joined her for a romp in the dry arena.

I love that she's running around Ophie, and so excited to play with her. They're really cute together.

We joke that Ophie and Denali do synchronized galloping. They sometimes act like they have a whole act planned out in order to really show off for us.

I don't do anything to her to make her run like this! She does this all on her own. After the 20 minutes of NON STOP running. I took her to the cross ties, and she was dripping with sweat. As in a puddle on the ground. I decided to let her cool down a little bit before I tacked her up. I put her back in the arena while I ran to the restroom and well....

What I was thinking? I have no idea! Lol. She COVERED herself in dirt (this was side 2.) It was impossible to get it off, so I had to give her a bath. She wasn't too excited about that. It was raining outside, and she hates the noise of rain on the roof.

My smokin' hot horse :)

Ms. Denali and Ophie hanging out after running around like crazy.

When I named my blog, I wasn't expecting to show anyone it. I was making it for myself. I originally named it, but I quickly learned that was a very dumb name. I then decided that wildponybeast would do! That's what Denali's "aunt" and Ophie's mom refers to her as (well, pony beast, I call her wild pony beast.) I think that's some good evidence as to why as stupid as it sounds, it is a really good name.

BTW, I saw that Dreamworks has a new movie coming out, "How to Train Your Dragon." I wonder if it will be helpful to me and working with Denali. :)


Suzie said...

What a silly pony! She's got da zoomies! Great videos. :)

Denali said...

Thanks Suzie!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute videos! Thanks for posting and helping me start my workday with a smile =)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I LOOOOVE that steamy cool! :)

Denali said...

It is a cool picture, the cleaning it off-not so cool. lol.