Wednesday, February 17, 2010

@#$ it!!!

Where do I start. Remember how my knee was hurt? Well it's doing a lot better! I've ridden twice this week, once at the other barn and then I had the lesson at my barn today. I decided, since it was a beautiful day I'd get Denali and let her run around the big front pasture. Well. Guess who's hurt!? Shocker right!? god damn it Denali!!! She has a big cut on her left hind. I have 0 clue as to how in the hell she did it. The cut is scabbed over already, but the leg is still swollen. Either I'm hurt or she's hurt. GRRRRRR..... At least she'll have a matching set. Sigh. The missing hair on her right hind is from her sonogram in December. Damn horse! I KNOW what the vet said about the chance of EPM coming back is, but still I can't help but worry. I would love to find someone who treated a horse for EPM and what they were like when they came back from it. I wish I was a bazillionaire, I'd take her to the large equine hospital for a good check out.

Despite the swollen leg, that wasn't going to stop Denali from being a naughty pony. The front pasture is pretty big. It isn't used in the winter for turn out so as a result it has a lot of grass.

Sweet...delicious grass....

Ms. Denali was pretty excited about the grass, so much that she didn't want to run around. I thought that was fine with me. You're legs swollen (but not hot) I let her eat, I talked to a mom and a little girl who were walking past the farm. The little girl was in love with Denali, but Denali wanted nothing to do with them. MUST EAT GRASS. The little girl asked if she could take pictures of her, and I said of course! Apparently the little girl's sister was taking a lesson with my trainer.

After about 15 minutes I decided that was enough grass for a belly that hasn't had it in several months. I walked up to Denali with her halter/lead rope and she TOOK OFF. My horse, my sweet, obedient horse took off. I took it as a fluke since she hasn't done that since the first few weeks I owned her. I shook it off and I walked up to her and she did it AGAIN!

Denali. Seriously!?

At this point I got mad. I gave her one last warning, and the I left. It was funny, she stopped dead and looked at me like "What? I thought we were playing." I hiked up to the barn and got the lunge whip. One of the barn kids (young adult? She's 16) laughed at me and came to help me. I went into the field, tried to get her one last time (she ran off) so I took to running around like an idiot chasing her away from me and keeping her moving. Someone driving past stopped and took pictures of her, which I thought was funny. What can I say, she's beautiful when she's in her pissy trotting mood.

23 minutes. For 23 minutes I chased that stupid horse around the field. Eventually she came up to me with the look of "what? WHAT!? I'm tired." (Thanks to the 16 year old for the photos)

Silly, silly horse! So after that display of naughtiness I took Ms. Denali to our other favorite place at the barn. The round pen. I did a lot of work with her in the round pen when we first came to our new barn. We worked on transitions and listening today. She works really well in the round pen, it's much easier for me to get her to focus when I'm on the ground.

Funny side story: Last year I was working her, and I stepped forward of her motion to stop her, and I asked her to turn. HOWEVER, I stepped too close to her shoulder so she reared up, turned and came back down then looked at me like, "what now." Opps!!

Back to Today!! She did a very nice job and we were done. I took her into her stall and was just hanging out with her (the door was half open,) when two horses were led past her stall. She pinned her ears and went to snap at me. I hit her on the nose, and of course felt guilty, but I am not a snack.

Enough rambling. The lesson went well. I worked on transitions. I honestly just don't feel like I have my body in the right position. I wish there were some magical robot horse I could put my saddle on and ride and have it tell me what I need to fix.

Check out this Hottie!! :) I think this is the only picture I have of myself on a horse before now. :( I rode the same horse every week for 5 years and I have not a single picture. Great riding gear right?! I think I'm 5 in this photo.


Jooles said...

Love that last photo! I have very few of me riding as a child, whereas my daughter has heaps of photos and video clips. We live in a very visual age these days

eventer79 said...

Ok, you win the "best riding outfit" contest, LOL! That totally beats my dressage cowboy boots.

On the EPM note, there's a little arab who events at the Advanced level who had EPM and came back to compete advanced. I forget his name, but he shouldn't be hard to look up, not many Arabs at Advanced, LOL!

SprinklerBandit said...

Haha, Ms. Denali was certainly feeling her oats. She just oozes personality.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

LOL!!!! So what I least your tan lines were better than what I had last summer-insert farmers tan arms and pale pale legs!