Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I honestly didn't think it would happen, but because of you I have something new. Hope. I'm 10% of the way towards being able to send Denali to Pegasus. Many of you bought my stuff. So many in fact that I'm still organizing, cleaning, and packaging. Then there are some of you who have just donated out of the kindness of your heart!! When you give 5$ and say "I wish it could be more" it already is! 5$ is more than I had before you donated. I greatly appreciate it and am forever in your debt. Denali designed something to mail out to people who bought something or who donated, look for it in your mail box! Remember neither Denali nor I are graphic designers!! Be nice!

Next Saturday I go to Pegasus to check it out and fill out any paper work that I might need. I still need to sit down with the vet and figure out the "game plan." She wants to come out and x-ray Denali's right hind, but I honestly can't do it right now. I know it sounds horrible, but I am now that person who has to wait until I get paid! Ugh. I never wanted to do that, ever! I am trying to not feel horrible about it, but I figured if it has been hurt since September, then a few more weeks won't change much.

Positive thing is that my husband and I have no debt (well, the truck) and he is really good with money. I however, not so good with the saving part. I have become better! I have a jar of money in our bedroom that I put all my spare change in. I use to call it my "saddle fund" but I don't know if that will ever happen, and if it does it is now in the 5 year plan (or I magically make more money plan.)

I shouldn't be babbling on about finances. I hate talking finances. If you want a sure fire way to watch my husband and I fight bring up money + horse = not pretty. He loves her, but she's not the cheapest thing in the world.

Okay. Back to Denali.

I went out yesterday to see her. Super lovey! She's defiantly losing muscle tone quickly. She's also very stiff walking around her stall. I felt bad watching her move around her stall. I think it will be good for her to be able to go swimming and to loosen everything up. We still have two more weeks until she is allowed out for hand walking. THAT should be fun! Maybe I could sell tickets to people to come watch the "show" because I can guarantee it will be a good time!

Before I ran to the barn I stopped and bought Denali the biggest apple I could find! .76 of a pound. I was impressed and she was in heaven. It took her 9 bites to eat it. If you know Denali you'll know the normal amount is 1 bite. While she was eating it I snapped my fingers and she panicked, so I kept doing it but stopped when I figured out that it sounded like the electrical fence. Wow, I'm a horrible horse mom.

Other than that not much else going on in horse world. I had paid for training for Denali and that's not going to be happening so I'm going to lease my trainers little Morgan for the summer instead. At least I'll have a small beast to ride. Same personality, about 10 inches in height difference.


Jay Jennings said...

How much is it for the x-rays?

Jay Jennings said...

Can D travel? I have my vet coming out next weekend for digital x-rays for my Q-horse. Bring her buy, I'll cover the farm call. It will be Dr. Miller from pilchuck and the x-rays will be email-albe to your vet and Pegasus.

Leah Fry said...

I hear ya about the money, but sometimes that's just the way it is. You can only do the best you can do. Hope she mends quickly.

Anonymous said...

When you start hand-walking, I recommend better living through drugs - something to take the edge off will make it safer for her and you. My mare Maisie had a suspensory injury a number of years ago, and we did lots of the stall rest/hand-walking thing.

Laura Maynard said...

Ace is your friend! My mare had just enough to take the edge off for the first couple rounds of any "new" activity, after two months of stall rest. Hand-walking, tiny turnout, small turnout, regular turnout, etc. It was definitely better than the risk of reinjury if she did something stupid. It'll get better!!

Nicku said...

Agree with the girls, sedatives are your best friend. I know you said she already had a LT sedative though so make sure you ask your vet if ACE is ok since she is already drugged up! Conngrats on 10%! That is amazing. Keep selling sister! Cant wait to hear all about your rides on the Morgan, can we see some pics of her???

Drillrider said...

I feel your pain. After my arab gelding pulled his impar ligament (along with a piece of his navicular bone) and was put on six months of rest (fortunately for me, not stall rest), my appy mare came up lame.

So, that left my 29 year old anglo-arab which I had deemed as an "extra" horse and lease out!!

Since then, my appy mare seems better and I've ridden her once, but she still seems gimpy. My husband has ridden his new 1/2 arab that we are care leasing and he is turning out to be AWESOME. least we are back in the saddle (for now), but it is immensely frustrating to be spending so much money on horses you can't ride. Yes, they are also pets, but if you're anything like me, I can't afford to have a horse just as a pasture pet!!!

FYI---I asked my vet about Reserpine and he said that my gelding didn't need it and just pasture rest is fine for him. Thanks for letting me know about it though (just in case)!

Pinzgauer said...

I just found your blog after traveling through some other blogs, and got sucked in. Great blog, but horrible about the injury.

I have a 3 year old filly that just pulled a tendon in her front leg. Still doing the diagnostics on it, and it's looking like a LONG mend as well. You do what you can financially, and try to be the best horse owner you can be. You sound like you're doing both very well.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and see if I can find something on the "other blog" that I can't live with out. Not sure how the better half will like that! =)