Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dead Skunk

I am finally alive again!! (*loud clapping*)

I went out to the barn today to see the stall bound girl. When I showed up I was the only one there. My trainer and the young girls were at a show, and the owners were out of town. *gulp* At least if I lose control of her no one will see me I thought to myself.

I wasn't even in the barn when she started nickering. My trainer left a huge pile of hay in front of her stall and she (Denali) gets thrown a handful through out the day. She likes this arrangement. I got the stud chain out, went into her stall and she was pretty much jumping for joy. Sometimes I don't think she actually likes me, she likes what I do for her. Today we went for a walk out of the stall. It was a big day for Ms. D.

We went to the sacrifice paddock and she proceeded to put her head down and start to eat. I held onto the lead rope for a bit, but then took off the stud chain, and eventually took off the lead rope. I stood there next to her when I smelled it. It smelled like dead animal. I don't even know how to describe it. I started walking around the small paddock looking for the dead creature. Then I found it. My horse. Denali smelled horrible!! I guess that's what you get when you haven't had a bath have been in a stall 24/7. She smelled horrible! I felt horrible.

Ophie's mom's boyfriend came over and very quickly asked what the horrible smell was. Sigh. It was my horse.

OMB (Ophie's Mom's Boyfriend) helped me by cleaning her stall for me (my barn owner does it everyday, but I wanted to make it extra, anally clean.) Ophie's mom helped me by holding Denali, and we gave her a bath. Much happier girl.

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Leah Fry said...

Glad you are feeling better and that Ms. D is clean and pretty. The better to collect hugs and smooches.