Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stall Bound

Today I started my working student position. The woman I'm working for is very nice and e-mailed me very specific directions. Made my job that much easier. The horses are AMAZING!!! Big, huge, amazing Warmbloods who I want to sneak in my car and take home. It's amazing what working with Denali has done with my confidence. Each horse tried to see what they could get away with, and very quickly learned that it was nothing. Made me feel better.

I washed and conditioned tails, and pulled manes. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun to just dote on horses. The one horse has the thickest tail I have ever seen or felt on a horse. It took forever to just get the tail wet.

I was suppose to go to a dressage clinic today. I really wanted to see the stallion Rodioso under saddle. I worked until noon and had planned on attending the afternoon session, but couldn't justify spending $25.00 when I needed to also full up my gas tank and am trying to get money to send Denali to Pegasus . I was a little sad, but spent the day in the stall with Denali so it wasn't too bad. She has definitely formed an opinion of how she should be treated, i.e. should have everyone's attention on her at all times. She's still shedding so I got out the furminator and groomed her while she ate. She's funny, you'd think she was starving at all times! She's the only horse I know that won't chew, she gulps her food. I bought her a new hay bag to try to slow down her eating and make it last longer so she doesn't get bored.

Friday the farrier came back out to try and do Denali's feet again (she was a do I say, uncooperative the last time he was out.) She was a good girl I guess, and he did her feet in her stall so she didn't get worked up. We decided to just pull her shoes and keep her barefoot for now. No point in having shoes on when she won't be outside working. It also helps save me money. She seems totally fine without shoes. OM told me that I can now complete one of the things on my list of 101 Things to Do With Your Stall Bound Horse, become fanatical about barefoot trimming and then take it all back when I start working her again. Lol, obviously I'm not going to be fanatical. I'd like to keep her barefoot when she's back to work, but that's a whole other post to discuss that.

Okay, back to working on our OTHER BLOG come visit us there! Who's to say I'm NOT a dedicated horse owner. I tried to talke to Denali about doing some art to raise some money for her rehab, she didn't seem interested. Also, if you see something you're interested in e-mail us at Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're able to give her all that attention while she's in the stall. And those warmbloods must be fun!

I looked up Rodioso - and he shares a grandsire (Furioso II) with our mare Lily (in my new header) - that's where she got her athletic ability.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh Oldenburgs..yummy!!!
It's nice to see you haven't lost your sense of humor..very important during the broken pony times!!! I see your countdown icon now too, and thought to myself..should I do that? And then thought..what am I counting down to? LOL..too risky for me!
Happy to hear she took to bare feet well, it'll help with keeping them clean too while she's stall bound. AND..makes kicks a little less painful, lol! ;)

Gryph said...

Isn't there a rescue that raises money by beading horseshoes from horses at the rescue and selling them? You could do that for Denali's!