Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

I went to a saddle fitting class this morning and learned so much about saddles, fitting saddles, and everything else. I'm really excited to have this new found knowledge. I'll ramble some of the key points later this week, I just wanted to give an update on Denali.

I had to call the vet yesterday because she got diarrhea. The poor thing, she was a mess. The vet had told me on Friday that the shot of Reserpine could do that and to call if it happened. I knew what caused it, and didn't want to call, but was afraid that if she choliced I would never forgive myself. He said to watch for signs of depression and make sure she's drinking enough water. Check and Check. By the way, Reserpine is my new best friend!

Today she was doing much better (i.e. not screaming or thrashing around in her stall.) She was very, very quiet. I was the only one at the barn when I got there today. If this was six months ago I would have waited for my trainer to come help me, but I'm a big girl and figured the worst that could happen would be she would run me over. I did buy a stud chain to have on hand JUST IN CASE. I had to use one on her on Wednesday with the vet because she was freaking out, and I didn't think that was a safe thing to do when you only have 3 good legs. I don't want her to be overly wild and hurt herself. I put the chain on and led her for our few minutes of walking. She's still off, but the swelling and heat is almost gone. That's a good sign! Denali was an angel so I took off the chain and let her graze for a bit. Iced her leg and then re-wrapped it. I'm so nervous about wrapping her leg! I don't want to make it too tight and have her lose circulation in it, but then again I don't want to make it too lose and have it slip around. I followed the vet's instructions and voila! This is only the second time I've ever wrapped a leg (ever) yesterday being the first.

She's still in pain, so I gave her bute. She's putting some pressure on her leg now and seems to be walking a lot better. As soon as I take off the standing wraps then it becomes a lot harder for her to walk. I'm very excited/nervous/worried for Wednesday. I hope this is nothing big and that she'll be fine without a long rehab. OF Course this would happen right as I was getting back into "fighting shape" Operation Ride My Horse is still on, but I am going to have to change it a little to Operation Ride A Horse. My trainer very nicely offered me one of her horses to ride while Denali rehabs.

Made her a hot bran mash to eat and gave her a kiss on the nose when I left. I love this horse. She's not overly affectionate, which I wish she was, but then again I have my days too when I just don't want to be touched. After bringing her in from our little walk, I sat in front of her stall while she ate her treat, she's a really good patient (easily said on day 3 of stall rest.)


Anonymous said...

Glad she's feeling a bit better - those things are very frustrating!

Leah Fry said...

I had to use a stud chain on Poco when I first got him. He somehow got the idea that he was going to fling me around at the end of the lead rope. Silly pony.

Anyway, it's kind of like crops: keep em around and hope you don't have to use them.

Laura Maynard said...

Glad to hear that Denali is doing a bit better. Panache and I are sending more jingles your direction anyway!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh poor sweet D.
I hope this healing so quickly for you and the xrays come back with good news. That leg wrap looked good to me!
Stud chains can be a good thing..I prefer to NOT use it but there are days where I have needed to. There is a couple ways to attach them to make them a bit more humane and ways that are more severe fyi. I always go for the more humane as I think they are so thin skinned and sensitive breeds..a little goes a long way.
This time bonding can prove to be really rewarding and who knows..maybe she'll start wanting to be more cuddly as she's healing!

Denali's Mom said...

Yeah, I agree Kristen. I wrap it around the bottom of the halter so it dangle there unless she needs it then it applies pressure, and only then. When her regular hatler jingles that's enough of a reminder that she needs to listen. I've only ever had to use the stud chain once, now she remembers. I only use it when I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself. Fire breathing Thoroughbreds are fun times!