Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick update- UGH!!!!!!!

Got back from the East Coast last night. Got a phone call from the vet today.

I usually like hearing from the vet, but at this point I'm sick of it.

I asked her last time she was out about Denali's right hind (note that her tear is in the left hind) and the swelling that is still there. She apparently went over the x-rays and said that there are some areas of concerns. Sigh. She's coming out to do x-rays on her right hind in two weeks. I heard Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching....

Things I've canceled:
All magazine subscriptions, my giddyupflix.com subscription, my Starbucks stops, my weekly eating out with friends, etc.

Anyone want a horse? At this point I'm just so frustrated. She has one good leg, her left front. I can't imagine what it would be like to own a horse that wasn't constantly breaking down. It makes me very jealous that I don't. I am starting to really hate dumping money into something that might end up being a pretty pasture pet.

I'm 5% of the way of my goal. If you need to buy anything check out our other blog. www.rehabdenali.blogspot.com I'm thinking of renaming it www.keepmeoutofthepoorhouse.blogspot.com not really, but it would be funny.

If anyone has an Ipod I'm selling 60$ worth of iTunes gift cards for $50.00 and I guarantee that they have never been used! Also, I have hundreds of children's books (grades 3-8) if you know anyone who needs some!

I haven't even seen the poor girl in 5 days. I should stop complaining about her.


Becky said...

I can only begin to imagine your frustration. It seems like every time I read a new entry you and D can't seem to catch a break! I wish I had some advice to offer but unfortunately I don't. Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Hang in there!

Mrs Mom said...

Girlfriend, I know and have felt your pain.

Two-- almost THREE-- years of rehab (by myself and my husband) into Sonny Bunz. Now, we can ride. And we even loped for the first time.


Listen to your mare, and listen to your heart.

Sonny recovered from hock fractures, blown knees, and a total body FUBAR from all four legs being a disaster.

Just shy of three years later- he is OK. Not perfect, and he makes funny noises when he moves, but we can ride.

Hang in there. Horses have amazing healing abilities. Sometimes, they need us to support them. Sometimes, they just need us to get out of the way.

Chin up, be strong, kiss your beautiful mare, and know lots of people out here are pulling for you guys!

Laura Maynard said...

Hang in there! She'll be right for what her future holds... sometimes it just takes a long time.

I know mine was a basket case for the longest time just because she was mentally a baby. Then once her brain wires straightened out it seemed that she'd hurt herself and set us back a couple months in training and fitness. It's been a frustrating journey but through it my little mare has matured into a smart, thoughtful horse who tries her heart out to do what I ask of her. Last year I had to seriously think about how much money I could invest in her vet bills, and it wasn't easy but there were a lot of options available once I got creative. Fortunately she seems to have healed with no lasting effects, at least nothing obvious yet. Time will tell!

So hang in there and love on your mare a little bit more each time you see her :)

in2paints said...

I've been where you are... and it sucks for sure. Thank goodness Lilly is back to being sound and I'm able to ride her again. I have no doubt you'll be riding Denali again soon. :)

If it makes you feel better (or feel totally sorry for me), my gelding was officially retired because of lameness issues when he was 6. He's now 24. So, yeah... He has eaten a SHIT ton of money over the years, but I love him dearly.

Stay positive and give that mare of yours a big kiss from me and Lilly!