Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Sale

All my stuff! :)

I'm currently trying to make the money to send Denali to Pegasus. The goal is to make 2,000.00 by July selling stuff and working extra jobs. I hate craigslisting everything, so I made ANOTHER BLOG (yes, shocking I know) to put up pictures of things. I told Denali she could do guest appearances on the blog, but she can't complain when I sell her stuff!

What do you think of the page? I made a "donate" button in hopes that Bill Gates is a horse lover and wants to donate to Ms. Slew.

I'm currently holding a yard sale, but wanted to write this quickly because I needed a break!! Feel free to pass along this other blog to your horsey friends who might need stuff. I just need to sit down and post pictures!

I'll work on the other blog tonight. :) Happy Saturday! I got my first sunburn of the year!


Andrea said...

That's great! Except for my bit of advice: the first month is definitely THE most important part of rehab. SO many things can go right or wrong in this section, so if you can at all afford it, send her now. In two months, it may already be too late, or it may be a waste of money because she's already better enough for it to not make a difference.
Just my two cents! And aside from that, I'll ask everyone around if they want any of your stuff! Good luck!

Denali's Mom said...

Thanks Andrea, I'll talk to my Vet again. She had said that she should be in her stall for the first month without any work on it at all then to send her! BUT, you've been through this!! Thanks!!!

Jay Jennings said...

Clever title on the new blog. Good luck!

Denali's Mom said...

Jay, THANK YOU!!!!!! That was really, really nice of you! You made me cry!

Jay Jennings said...

Well it's a start. I hope many more are to follow from your readers. We would donate more; but with my new job starting on Monday we are unsure of when the next payday is going to be. for a widget on your blog for counting donations.

Best wishes, stay strong!

Jay Jennings said...

Oh and by the way... the horse grooming forums have a for sale post section. Kelsey sells a LOT of stuff on there. I'm sure your items will sell faster there than on ebay.

Except for saddles, Kelsey suggests Ebay and Craigslist for that/those.

Denali's Mom said...

Jay! I'm selling that blanket you liked. Thanks a million!

Nicku said...

Best of luck on the sale. Keep searching your house for stuff. I made a bunch of money last month between CL and EBAY selling horsey and non-horsey things! You'll get there girl :)