Monday, May 3, 2010

Patient Update

I went out to see Denali. Now I'm nervous. I've been fine up to today, but I really don't like the way she's moving on her leg. I'm sure she is fine right?

I unwrapped, iced, and re-wrapped her leg. She didn't give me any trouble at all, but she also didn't want any touching what so ever. She wanted left alone, so I sat in front of her stall for a little bit to just keep her company. I was eating cheese crackers and she really wanted one. I said no, I've become a treat monster, nothing tasty for her! I'm afraid she'll colic or founder. I went back to eating and she started to drink water. Then she stood right behind me and spit it out on my neck. I thought it was a fluke, and just her drinking and making a mess. I laughed and went back to talking to Ophie's mom's boyfriend. He was laughing too. Not a minute later she did it again. I turned around and her ears were out sideways and she had the best look on her face. She's funny. Sorry Nawlers, you're still not getting any treats!

2 more days until the vet. She only gets a little bute tomorrow and then Wednesday my checking account takes a huge hit.


OTTB-Little Big Red said...

Ah, one little treat won't hurt. Unless of course Denali realizes that treats (oreos, doritos, gatorade, honey-peanut-butter crackers) come from the vending machine. LBR starts nickering whenever he's in the grooming stall and someone puts money in the vending machine in the lounge.

We've cut him back to only alfalfa cube slivers after our rides/baths and he's doing better - now only his ears perk up when he hears the vending machine.

Drillrider said...

Hysterical about the water down your neck!!! What a character your Denali is!!!!!

Hope she is okay. I currently have to have the front feet of my arab gelding x-rayed. He's been lame for about six weeks now.

Amanda said...

I hope its nothing too serious! I know how it feels to be a first time home owner with an expensive money sucking horse. Mine is blind in one eye(he was neglected when I got him and he got a terrible infection in his eye that caused his blindness). I had only had him a few days when I had to take him to the vet every three days and dump 1300 dollars worth of vet bills just on the eye he will never see out of! I feel your pain in the worry of your best friend and loving(water squirting) pony! And I feel your checking accounts pain in the upcoming money splurge.

Prayers and good thoughts coming to you and Denali!