Monday, May 10, 2010

8 pounds

The amount of weight I lost according to my weigh in this week at school. That's in one week thanks to food poisoning. I'm pretty excited. I still want to lose 30 more pounds. The first 8 were really easy. Tomorrow starts my 6 weeks of morning work outs. I spent the weekend thinking to myself, "What in the hell was I thinking?" I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I lose the weight. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I need to apply that same thinking to Denali. Yes, I'd love to have a horse that I can ride now. My friend gave me a really good way to think about it. To quote Ophie's Mom (my best horsey friend) "Let's get you and Denali both sound and working together for 3 months before you make any decisions." I agree.

Tonight I worked on "Operation Ride A Horse" (Formally known as Operation Ride My Horse since she's still on stall rest.) I rode my trainers Morgan mare. She's technicality a pony, but she feels and moves like a horse. I like riding her, she keeps me honest. It was a good lesson. I do really like my trainer. I know that I've been very frustrated with her, but she's what I need for the moment. She helped me take Denali, a wild and insane TB into a calm, cool and collected TB. I just need to get working with her!!

Today I took Denali out of her stall. She was a naughty, naughty girl!! I took her to the little turn out grassy spot, but apparently the grass was not as inviting today. I watched her for a few minutes to make sure she was going to be calm, and as soon as I turned my back she started to buck and jump around! I turned and ran towards her and as soon as she saw me (I kid you not) she stopped dead and started to eat grass. I think she knows she shouldn't do that. She did it again and I took her back into the barn. She didn't look off, or like she did further damage, but she is fired from being off the lead rope for now.

Wednesday night I go for my interview for the working student position. I'm excited for that. I love playing with fancy warmbloods. I'll never own one. Plus I like learning. Speaking of learning have you ever heard of the breed "Georgian Grande?" I think I want one... a properly bred one.

Thanks everyone for your comments! I really appreciate having you as my readers you make me feel better. I'm not sure what I would do if someone was mean to me.


Jess said...

Good job on the (easy) 8 pounds! ;)

A trainer friend had a Georgian Grande. I never had a chance to meet the mare, but I hear that she was somethin!

Laura Maynard said...

Good luck with the interview!

SprinklerBandit said...

I've never heard of them. Care to do a write up? (I'm on a super slow computer, so google doesn't really sound appealing.

I'm glad your lesson went well. Riding other horses is an excellent way to prepare to ride your own.

Megan said...

Georgian Grande = my dream horse! I love them. There was a breeder in Oregon I went to once to look at foals... Oh, if I just had 50K, life would be so much easier!

Glad your lesson went well. I'll see you Wednesday night at the barn!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hmm, they are saddlebreds w/ a draft right? I've heard but maybe I'm getting that mixed up. There are Thelgians that is mix with TB and Belgians that are insanely BIG beautiful but look warmbloodish but act like a sweet draft. Sigh. Dreamy.

I like the idea of "working for 3 months sound" before making any decisions.
Good for you for riding other horses..I need to start doing that so I dont forget!!!
OH, and SOOOO awesome on the 8 lbs! :)

Denali's Mom said...

Georgian Grande are Saddlebred, at least 25%, but no more than 75% with draft. I'd want one that was 25% Saddlebred, Friesian, and Percheron. I've seen pictures, they are amazing! I'd want one from an established line (aka, not the first cross) Don't worry I'll change my mind again in a week!!

Layla said...

Thanks for your great blog! I love reading your stories and hearing how Denali is going! Good luck with the interview!
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