Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Demo Pony

With the hubby out of town, I don't feel so compeled to go home and hang out by myself. I went to the barn yesterday with Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. The arena was harrowed Sunday night and looks a million times better. I can't wait for the new footing next month.

I was standing talking with the barn owner and the trainer (two different people) when we heard a loud "snap" I assumed it was Denail, because she did see me when we pulled in and usually if I don't go get her right away she starts kicking things. I went over to her paddock and found her chewing away on the board. She had snapped it in two. Naughty Pony. She knows too. As soon as she saw me she ran away with that look of "busted" on her face. I don't know what to do about that. That Quit stuff you paint on doesn't deter her. She'll eat anything.

Took the demolition horse to the barn owner and told him a new board would be coming out of her treat budget. She seemed surprised. He laughed at me and said not to worry. That's good. I don't want thrown out. He's a great guy, and really likes the way his property looks. I'm glad that didn't bother him.

Took her to the round pen, and let her graze around the edges while I ran and got some stuff from the barn. Her hair is SO SMOOTH. Everyone touches it now and is always commenting on her bunny rabbit fur. Thanks Cocosoya Oil! One thing I did find out is that someone is possibly stealing my oil. There is a woman who takes care of the barn owners horses and when my trainer went over to their barn (which is on the opposite side of the arena from our barn) she noticed a container with the feed. Guess what it was? She has no way to prove that she took it, but again the only way you can get it is from ordering it. SO she (my trainer) set up a "trap" with my oil. She hid the bottle she's using to give to Denali and left out the other one with a line on the back. We'll see. I'll be pissed. Not cheap at all. Well, it would be cheaper if I didn't need to pay for shipping.

On other pony related news, I got a new bridle. I won it on e-bay and it's the same people who made my pretty brow band. I sent in my measurments yesterday so it will be getting made soon and shipped my way. So much cheaper than other bridles I looked at. It's not a "fancy" name, but it's really nice craftmanship. I hope that the bridle holds up to the standard that I have set in my head for it!

What my new bridle will look like! Mine is going to be black, this picture looks like it's brown.

The bridle that I have now, my Kiefer Natasha also has a crank, but I never used the bridle. It was just too big for Denali's head. It's for a warmblood, so it's for sale. Once I sell it (asking $100.00 if anyone is interested) I will have broken even on the bridle department. I hope D doesn't mind the crank on her face (I won't be using the flash any time soon.)

Other random question. Does anyone know where I would look up online what a horse should be recieving in their diet? I stole (borrowed?) the feed tag from the grain my trainer uses. Now, Denali doesn't get a ton of grain (about a pound and a half) most of her diet is hay (orchard/timothy.) I'm still curious. We're going to start to give her Rice Bran on days she gets worked so hopefully those extra calories will be turned into muscle. (Her lessee is buying it, have I mentioned that I love her?)


Jay Jennings said...

Nice bridle; but I agree I only have used cranks on the dumb bloods with the larger heads. I had one on my TB for a while and it made her pin head look even smaller.

For the food questions I would go to http://www.horsegroomingsupplies.com/horse-forums/ and ask there. Tons of experts there. Ask Capilet she's the GF and would know exactly what to give.

My TB (local Monroe) gets supper supplements (LMF), Alfalfa Pellets for the extra calories and a joint sup. And of course 5 2lb+ flakes of good quality Timothy per day.

On supper cold days we were giving rice bran pellets. The pellets are way easier to deal with.

Anonymous said...

My trainer was just talking to me about feeding rice bran.

Here is an interesting article: http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-health/feeding-bran-3151.aspx

If you do choose to go with bran, look into stabilized rice bran.

More about that here: http://www.shady-acres.com/susan/ricebran.shtml

Good luck!


Denali's Mom said...

Thanks! Jay, I have to tell you that in my dream last night I ran into you at the public library. You were wearing the Grand Prix outfit and talking with a british accent. It was interesting! :)

Jay Jennings said...

Guess it would depend on which library. Sammamish yes, down town Seattle probably not in Grand Prix gear. But being down town I'm sure I'd probably get less odd looks than at home. It's bad enough going to the grocery store in breeches and tall boots. The looks I get... AND defiantly no on the british accent. I can't even fake a decent one.

Laura Maynard said...

That's a beautiful bridle. Who did the custom browband? Browbands are a weakness of mine and I'm always on the lookout for nice ones.

Jay Jennings said...

@Laura http://www.blackhorseleather.com/browbandspg2.html

Black Horse Leather (also local to seattle area) has some really nice ones. I have a few of hers and they have all been really good quality. Her website needs some help tho.

Also; I have an older band ... I cannot remember the name of the company. If anyone sees one like it let me know. It needs repair or replaced and the company's website is gone. Link to pic.

Tammy in TX said...

As for the chewing, try smearing vasoline on the boards then coating the with HOT cheyanne pepper.

Denali's Mom said...

in addition to Black Horse Leather's "stuff" she has AMAZING horses. Ugh. I saw her young friesian at a show, so beautiful (but I think they all are!)

I got my browband through http://stores.ebay.com/saddlery4u-UK

I won the auction (12.00 I might add!) and they custom made my browband. It's the only one I use. I don't save it for anything special.

Denali's Mom said...


That's mine. They sell them for a little over $50.00 plus shipping.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh, lol I know that ebay seller..well not personally but LOVE those bridles! From England right? One girl where I rode at last had one and it looks nice, not sure about function but she was happy. :) They are snazzy!
Oh I do know that smartpaks now does cocosoya in small pack sizes so if this DB keeps stealing from you that may be a way to keep your money from missing Denali's belly.

SprinklerBandit said...

Oh... is it bad that I'm wishing bad karma on your bridle selling abilities until I have money to buy it?


Still, I am. You've been warned.