Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Update

I was trying to be creative with the title, but don't have the energy. I'm tired. Yesterday I went to the barn to hang out with Denali. This is the second time I've been out since my accident. I wish I could get back up on her, but my hip still just hurts so bad. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. It continually burns. Not that it makes much sense.

I took Ms. D to the round pen and of course she was a perfect peach. Walk, trot, cantered both directions without an issue. She was perfect. I let her come in to me, and I loved on her for a little bit. Funny thing, when I left her in the round pen to put away my stuff, I came back to her clacking and being groomed on my the mare next to the round pen. Rain is a beautiful 14 hh QH, I just thought it was really funny.

1. Because my mare is 6!!!
2. She's never been around Rain to have one of them declare dominance.
3. Ms. Denali is usually the queen bee.

Any thoughts on clacking? I thought only babies did that.

Ms. Ophie had two incidents, not something I deal with thank god, but she pulled back in the cross ties, and freaked out. Ophie's mom's boyfriend grabbed the quick release, but she still freaked out until she broke the halter. She broke free and ran out the back of the barn. Ophie's mom is a great friend, and an amazing equestrian. I dont' know if I could deal with Denali freaking out like that. It's so scary to watch. Ophie's mom got her back, calmed her down and put her back in the cross ties, this time with a lead rope. I let her borrow Denali's halter because it has the breakaway part to it, and her only other hater is a rope halter. I'm glad I did. She freaked out again, this time we think on purpose. When she broke free the halter hit Ophie's mom's boyfriend in the head, blood everywhere. Ophie ran into a stall She knew she was in trouble. She went back out in the arena and went to work. She doesn't do this all the time, Once every three months or so, it just so happens it was twice in the same day. Ophie's mom's boyfriend (maybe I'll start calling him Mule Lover since that's what he wants) is fine, lots of blood, but only a small cut.

I don't get it what causes horses do that. Denali doesn't freak out (knock on wood) in the cross ties. She has gotten spooked, but as soon as she realizes she can't go anywhere she'll stop. (continuing knocking on wood.)

Denali's lessee came out to ride yesterday, they look really good together. I'm excited for them to go to their first show together. I'm really glad we were able to find her, she's a wonderful person and Denali loves her (so do I!)

My trainer and I had a talk about riding. She seems to think I'm not going to get back on. I informed her that as soon as my leg starts working and I don't need Oxycodone to function I'll be back in the saddle. I just need to make a schedule and commit to going to ride at least three days a week. I can't do that yet. Hopefully after next week I'll have less commitments after work and I can go to work. Until then I'm going to continue to do work with Ms. D on the ground.

Sunday morning bright in early we went to my favorite event of the year. The big 4-h tack sale in Monroe, Washington. The picture above is the line we waited in to get into the tack sale. It was pure craziness.

I went with Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. I think we traumatized him for the next year at least. I didn't get anything marvelous. I did get a measuring stick to finally figure out how big my horse is, a gel pad, then some vet wrap and tail bags. That's about it. I did have a really nice halter on my arm, and I have no idea what happened to it. Boo. I was proud of myself. I didn't spend that much money.

Ophie's mom got a really nice saddle, we did a wither tracing yesterday so hopefully it fits her. She also got a nice girth, and bridle. I lived vicariously through her. I am proud of myself for not buying things I didn't REALLY need. I'm tired of spending a bazillion dollars on tail bags, especially since Ms. Denali always seems to get them off (I put them on correctly!) and I'm tired of searching for them in the mud.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.


Amanda said...

Have you heard of the Blocker Tie Ring? You feed the lead rope through it, and when a horse pulls back, it gives a little bit so the horse doesn't panic. I'd suggest trying that for Ophie.
Here's a link:

Although I'd suggest using a small u-bolt to attach it, or a rapid link (that "carabiner" in the picture would be useless if pressure were applied to it).

Denali said...

That's one of those "duh" moments. I've heard of those before. Thanks Amanda! I'll pass that onto Ophie's mom and the barn owner. Thanks!! :)

goodtimetoreview said...

I don't know what I'd do if my guy freaked out in the cross ties. I guess i've never given him the chance to really go into the cross ties. He ground ties pretty well so i usually just do that.
As for cost saving on the tail bags you could do what me and my friend used to do. We made our own using mens athetic socks. We'd just cut the tops into a few strips then braid them in like a normal tail bag. That way if we lost them it was no big deal.

Denali said...

That's another good idea. I like using tail bags because the material dries quickly, I'm super anal, not about much, only the horse. :) I should have just used socks while I searched the pasture to find her only tail bag.

in2paints said...

Lilly freaks out in the cross ties. I don't know why... I think it has something to do with the pressure it puts on her head and she goes crazy. It only took two times before I decided to give up the cross ties. She'll stand all day long like a statue tied with just a lead rope, so that's what we do.

My gelding, on the other hand, is the opposite. He's a basket case unless he feels a tie on each side of his face. Put him in cross ties and he's a happy camper.

I wish we had a tack sale like that here! Sounds like there's a little bit of everything!

Frizzle said...

Salem has freaked out on the cross-ties twice. The first time was the day he arrived at the barn -- he pulled back, broke the cross-ties, and then just stood there.
After that, I didn't put him in the barn cross-ties for a while, but I would put him in the wash-rack cross-ties. For some reason, he is always completely relaxed in there -- I think it's because he can only back up so far because there's a back to the washrack. He can never go back so far that he feels pressure. He's fine if he walks forward and feels pressure, but not when he pulls back.
I put him in the barn cross-ties many, many times with him being totally fine, but then he flipped out and broke my leather halter a few months ago. Since then, I either put him in the was-rack or front-tie him in the aisle. We'll work on it!
As for tail bags, have you ever tried the kind that has three sections and you braid it in? They seem to stay put much better.

Denali said...

I bought one of those today at the tack sale. Now I just need to figure out how to use it! :) I also like that it will make her tail longer and that will be able to get the flies easier. If that even made sense. I suggested the wash rack too! Oh Ponies! The stuff they do to us!