Saturday, March 13, 2010

-1 hour

I love my weekends. They are what I live for. I really enjoy my schedule. Sleep in. Eat Breakfast on the couch. Go to the barn. Come home cook/eat dinner. Hang out with my hubby.

Friday night when I picked up my hubby he said he had a "present" for me. Guess what he bought me?! Horse books! I love them and can't get enough of them! He's such a sweetie!!

My hubby asked me earlier this week if I would be interested in spending quality time with him. Sure! Great! Let's go to the barn. Not exactly what he thinks of as quality time. We woke up early and went to the UW campus to take pictures of the cherry blossoms. So pretty. My picture doesn't do it justice. Then we went for a drive in the North Cascades. It was beautiful!!
I love random road trips. We were driving on the Mountain Loop Highway when we drove past a sign for Paca Pride. My poor husband. As soon as I saw the sign he knew that I'd want to go back. We decided to use the excuse of buying their farm fresh eggs as our reason to stop, but seriously who wouldn't love this face? I loved it there. The guy who showed us around was really nice, and the place is really well run and the animals are really happy. If you need a place to stay I'd definently stay there!

We then ventured up to Mt. Pilchuck. On our way up the road we got stuck behind all the "city folk" who decided that driving their Ford Thunderbird in a foot of snow would be a good idea. We stopped and helped people put on chains...well...correction, my husband helped, I made a giant snowball. We gave it to our upstairs neighbors (who are 2) and they LOVED it!! I definently filled up the truck bed with snow. I wish I would have got more. It was fun to drive back to the city with my little snowman (that's part of it above.)

After our travels we went to the barn. Ms. Denali was in one of her hyper/ I JUST WANT TO RUN moods. I can't blame her. It's pretty muddy in her paddock. I've also conditioned her with her pink bell boots. I only put them on her now when she's turned out in the arena to run. SO pink bell boots = free running in the arena.

I groomed her quickly, cleaned her feet, and threw on her boots. We walked over to the other side of the arena to check to other gate before I let her loose. As soon as we got there she decided that she should be free, and that standing still was just SO NOT OKAY.

Ophie's mom was in the corner of the arena cleaning up her lunge line, so I couldn't let Denali run free, I didn't want her to hurt anyone on accident, herself included. Ms. Denali just didn't think that was acceptable.

She had a SHIT HOLE flash back. She started to rear and buck on the end of the lunge line. I held and gave the rope a quick yank. We went back and forth for a few seconds, and then I caught her by surprise (I don't think she thought I'd actually reprimand her) and backed her quickly. She fell on her butt, flat out on her ass laying in the arena. She got up and was a perfect little pony. I walked her around on the arena and then went to take off her halter. Half way through taking off her halter she tried to take off. I HATE WHEN HORSES DO THAT!! SO, I reminded her again who was in charge, and took her halter off again. She stood there dancing in place looking at me, but not running off. I gave her a pat on the shoulder and told her to go, and off she went. She screamed, bucked and ran around the arena for about 10 minutes. She was so happy.

Today I ran out to clean out my tack locker/tack trunk. Serioulsy? I really have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!! A lot of it I bought, and realized that it was cheap for a reason, and then upgraded. I just never got ride of the old stuff. Denali's Lessee won't know what happened! It looks nice, I'm impressed.

It's 8 pm now and just got dark. I love the extra light, but HATE losing an hours sleep. Happy Monday everyone!


Pony Girl said...

I agree, I hate loosing the hour, but SO excited about more daylight! :) It means next month I can start seeing my horse after work too, instead of just on the weekends or when I'm on vacation (during the fall/winter months.)
I read once that keeping two halters on horses who bolt when you release them is a good way to get them over it. The lead rope (or 12-14 ft. line) is attached to the first halter. So when you take the "extra" top halter off, they think they are free, but are still "held." I think it helps break the pattern of bolting because they learn quickly they aren't sure when they will be released.
I left your comment a reply on my recent post but forgot to mention that my horse had been on Trifecta for a year. That is what he was on before I took him off of it last fall. I already gave him one tub of that two weeks ago (which is like $45 for a two weeks supply) and now have started the samples from Horse Tech. The Trifeca has some other vitamins that he doesn't need because he's on an additional supplement, I wanted the joint supp to be strictly the joint ingredients so I don't overdo selenium, etc. But we'll see if the sample works, if not, I may try something else or go back to Trifecta.

Mustang Cheyenne said...

I came close to punching Cheyenne in the face today because she did something similar. She is SO antsy & the minute I get her halter or bridle off even the slightest bit she tosses her head and wants it OFF. Well today I made her stand, and stand, and stand. Every time I'd start to take it off and she fussed we stood...and stood... and stood. I thought it would never end, until finally she caved. (This went on for at least 5 minutes) lol

SprinklerBandit said...

Oh, fun problem! My old TB mare does that, too. It only took her about two lessons with a rope halter to figure out that she stands until I tell her to go. Smart girl.