Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st step, Admit you have a problem

I think that's easily said that I've done it. They said it's either PTSD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'll bet it's more of a generalized Anxiety Disorder than the PTSD or maybe a mixture of both. Regardless, very interesting videos!!


Julia R said...

Thank you. I love your blog. You may have anxiety issues (like I do), but you are a fearless writer. I'm following from now on. Please come look at my blog to meet yet another kindred cousin!

Rachel said...

I have GAD as well... Booo me! But I'm off of meds (I was on for 2 yrs) and my friends are all super understanding when I have an "anxiety moment". The first step is def. realizing whats wrong! You will soon learn to cope with it ;)

Good luck Denali's mom, we are all rooting for you!

Suzie said...

Well, that was interesting.

I would call myself a very confident rider. I have been to the hospital twice for riding injuries, have had three concussions, and have been flipped upon by a horse. I guess since I know first hand how bad it can be and have survived, I just don't worry about doing it again.

I only watched the first video, but I felt more nervous because of it. Almost like, maybe I should be nervous about riding since others are?


Denali's Mom said...

NO!! Susie! I wish I couldn't be afraid! People at work tell me I'm crazy and they dont' know how I do it. I wish I had that kind of courage when it came to horseback riding.

Maybe those videos are for if you're nervous, and if you're not then dont! :)

SprinklerBandit said...

D's Mom--I leased an OTTB all through highschool and had an amazing time with her. She was/is an incredible horse. We evented, jumped, did dressage, and cleaned up in 4-H. She's also Izzy mom. I can't afford to own/lease her anymore, but I'm lucky enough to get to ride her this spring and tune her up.

She's why I love OTTBs.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...'s interesting. The videos are great but totally what has worked for me is riding with people that DONT judge and have fun and offer support. VERY hard to find. The last place I rode at was like that..where we are now, everyone comments all the time (GAG me) "it's b/c you have a crazy TB..u should get a nice QH" and nothing against any other breed but don't insult my baby! LET ME vent and deal and hey, how about offer support. I've felt my confidence go down since the move. However where we were before had horrible horse care so I'm stuck b/w a rock and a hard place.
Are there other riders there that u can hack aound with and slooowly build it back up?
I totally know that level of 8-10 panic..I had it yesterday with Laz acting a damn fool and JUMPING over my head with steel shoes while I wrapping his legs. Jesus...
BUT I do, have had a lot of past injuries but have found that is only 2% of the time so I try not to focus on it. Also..I don't care if I wimp out and dont ride him (when I could) on windy days,'s not worth it to me as a pleasure rider. Key word: PLEASURE, people!! I was called a wimp a couple of weeks ago b/c I was shaking when Laz was cookoo and racing around his pen. It made me angry and I screamed "Wimp? At least I'm not STUPID" Blah.

Denali's Mom said...

Ugh! I hate people! That sucks that your barn is not supportive. What drives me crazy is when people say "race trigger" it's not a race trigger, it's a stupid horse trigger.

Do the people at your barn NOT know what it's like to have a horse who's been penned up for months because he's lame!?!? The good thing is he's obviously feeling better!! Thinking good thoughts for today!