Sunday, March 28, 2010

24 hours

That's how long I owned my D&G sunglasses I talked about yesterday. Well. Technically I still "own" them but I'm returning them tomorrow. :) I can't handle it. Lol. I wore them today for a little bit and was terrified that I was going to scratch them or break them. I went to downtown Seattle with my brother and we went to Nordstrom Rack (awesome store.) I saw some sun glasses up front, and found another pair I liked a lot. I wouldn't say that I love them as much as the D&G's but honestly, who needs $140.00 sunglasses? These ones were marked $120.00, but I bought them for $34.00! Much better! NOW I can wear them to the barn and not be totally devastated if Denali steps on them. These ones are Mark Jacobs. Seriously though, I don't know anything about fashion. My mom actually laughed at me today when I told her that I had sunglasses that cost that much. She told me I'm not that fashioned focused. She's right.

Speaking of things that I own, that I'm not so sure that I need.... Ever bid on something on E-Bay not expecting to win? Yep. I'm good at that. I was looking for a nice pad for my saddle. I've been looking at tack shops around here and they're all....well you know how much they cost!

I bid on this at $35.00 a few days ago, and won. What do you think? Aside from the fact that it only comes in NAVY I'm pretty excited about it. I bought it from the same people who are making my bridle, so I'm hoping I can combine shipping. That would make it even better. As always though, I want your opinions! Worst comes to worst I can sell it right?

Stephens Real Sheepskin Gel-Eze Back/Whither Saddle Pad Half-Numnah

Colours - Navy/Navy
Size - large or Medium

This pad is designed to incorporate the best features from several different designs of pad into the one simple pad! Features the wonderful gel-eze impression top (in black), which provides great grip to the saddle, and the underneath is wonderfully soft cushioning sheepskin. Both these features combine to make a pad which is excellent at absorbing impact and reducing discomfort. This distributes any pressure or impact along the whole of pad.

  • Stephens Real Top Grade Platinum Quality Sheepskin/Lambskin!
  • Platinum quality SHEEPSKIN PAD with GEL-EZE inserts
  • This pad excels in quality and is a cutting-edge design

The advantages of this pad include: -

  • Suitable for most English style saddles including dressage, GP, jumping, eventing, close contact etc
  • Completely non-toxic & FULLY WASHABLE!
  • Re-useable and non-slip
  • Promote blood circulation as gel has slight massage function when ridden on
  • Breathable - helps to maintain optimum temperature in Summer and Winter
  • Prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores
  • Distributes weight more evenly across your horse's back
  • Fantastic for absorbing impact over jumps etc, or to provide a more comfortable seat in dressage.
  • An absolutely gorgeous top-quality pad that excels in quality and oozes class.
  • Better quality & colour choice than all other brands on the market.
  • Medicated lambs wool is produced with a special tanning process using no chemicals
  • Equestrian lambskin products promote blood circulation
  • Fully breathable - helps to maintain optimum temperature in Summer and Winter
  • Helps to wicker away sweat and regulate humidity
  • Does not allow the breeding of bacteria
  • Prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees using mild detergent
  • They guarantee an "active-respiration" zone, absorbing perspiration and therefore balancing the temperature
  • Made from pure lambskin - the real thing, with the wool still attached to the skin
  • Soft, warm and shaped perfectly for your horse
  • Comes with Velcro straps for secure attachment to saddle
  • Finely quilted against saddle with beautiful rolled edges
  • Fully bound to prevent sagging/fraying and cut to give good wither clearance ~ Shaped along the entire back seam to fit your horse''s curves
  • Suits most dressage, GP and Jumping Saddles
  • Shop sale, valued at £89. Brand new at bargain price, so bid while you can!


SprinklerBandit said...

The pad looks interesting. How well does your saddle fit? If it fits well or is on the narrow side, the pad could exacerbate any problems you'd have because it's thicker. If your saddle is wider, it could be fine.

I'm sure Denali will let you know.

Can you email me at overthehillsandfaraway05 at hotmail dot com about the bridle?


thenamesmarry said...

I WANT! The half pad, that is. Bailey's back is getting sore, and a pad that better distributes pressure would be great! My trainer recommended that I get one, but I can't find an inexpensive one. If you don't want it or it doesn't work, I'll buy it from you. Seriously. I will. It's even the right color ;).

Drillrider said...

It looks like it would majorly "cushy" on the horses back!

Suzie said...

I'll take the pad if it doesn't work out for you! Do you happen to know where one could buy one (possibly at a comparable price that you did... hehehe.)?

Denali's Mom said...

I'm sure she will SB, I think it should fit her pretty well! I use a pad right now with her saddle, but this one seemed really nice! We'll see. It's hard to judge when you can't actually see it.

If it doesn't work out I'll make sure to post it on here! I'm going to end up paying more because of shipping, but oh well... still a great deal!

I got mine on E-Bay much like other things!