Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie Review -Gentling your Spooky Horse

When I got home from work tonight I had my first video waiting for me. That was quick! is based in Washington, so hopefully it will be a quick turn around with the videos.

The video that I watched was called Gentling your Spooky Horse. It was a good video, but I knew everything that it talked about. I'm not trying to say that I know everything, but it was a basic video, and I learned the basics of natural horsemanship a few years ago. It was interesting to watch them working with a weanling. Especially since the weanling was better behaved than a certain Thoroughbred that I know. I wonder if Denali had any sort of imprinting done when she was a baby? Or if she was like a lot of TB future racers and sent out in a field to grow up and pulled in when it was time to go into training.

There was another "feature" in the video about the Dually halter. Does anyone out there use this type of halter when training? Just curious as to what you think.

Hope everyone had a good week. I'm really glad that it's the weekend. My little guy who's mom died finds out on Sunday that she passed away. I lost it tonight while my husband and I were out shopping for groceries. I think it finally hit me. My heart just breaks for the little guy. He was so good in school today. His mom is proud of him, I know that.


Frizzle said...

I have a MR Dually halter and, yes, it's good. It's not a miracle worker -- but, then again, I don't think any piece of training equipment is! I put it on Salem when he starts to get a bit pig-headed about hand-grazing.

Denali said...

Nope, I agree with you. No piece of training equipment is a miracle worker. I get annoyed with people who think that putting in a certain bit, particular training devices will "cure" your horse of their troubles. Key word: Training. I liked that Monty kept repeating that training devices are only as harsh as the hands that use them.

Beth said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. I hope that you find something that will help you on your journey to being a fearless rider. I'll be reading your blog too so hopefully I can learn from your experiences too!

BTW I love giddyupflix. A lot of the videos I watch and glean a little something but am so glad that I didn't go out and buy the video. I really like Jane Savoies videos.

Anonymous said...

Just learn how to use a chain over the nose of your halter properly, if you don't already know how to. She's OTTB to she will know what it means instantly.

neith said...

I just signed up for Giddyupflix and I am excited to receive my first video. Thanks for mentioning them in your blog!