Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Hubby

So I have mentioned before that my hubby is non-horsey. He doesn't care one way or another what I do with Denali. He does care about the money that goes into the things we do, but that's about it. We currently live in the city. I need to drive 40 minutes (20 miles) to the barn to see the girl.

The other day (pre me eating dirt) he called me asking when I'd be home. I told him, and he mentioned that he had a surprise for me, but to not get too excited. When I got home he was looking on the computer, he found a barn. (it's the first one in the slide show) :) I must say he has really good taste! He's had the link open on his computer now for almost a week and I keep catching him looking at it. I must say that although he's not "in" to horses. I love that he's into keeping horses on our someday property.

I can NOT WAIT to move out of the city and somewhere that we can put up our barn and let the beast run free. We're both from Pennsylvania and all of our family is back there. I'd like go to back someday. I think Denali would like it, but then again she hates snow.

Speaking of the devil, I went out to see her last night. The farrier is coming out today so I needed to run out a check. She was super sweet and lovey. Her lessor was there to ride, so I only stayed for a short period of time. I went out, that's a step right? Also, apparently the arena footing is getting re-done next month. I guess someone bit the dust on Sunday, so the owners are going to add some nice footing to make it a softer land. :) Gee...I wonder who that was (insert sly grin here.)


Breathe said...

I can't believe it took me this long to find your blog! I've been on quite a journey with this horse thing as well, and have often wondered if it's the right thing.

Then the next day, I'm looking at barns. LOL

Looking forward to reading backwards to learn more about you and Denali!

Denali said...

Well, welcome to our ride!! It's a zany one! :)