Thursday, March 11, 2010


What happened to "My Spots Undetectable?!" It says that your blog is MIA. :(

Don't you love my public service announcement?! I guess I can do that.

THANK GOD FOR FRIDAY!! I am so excited! I also have some interesting work information. I found out today that I am going to teach Kindergarten next year. They're shifting our programs so instead of teaching EBD 1-3 I'm going to teach K-2 THIS should be really interesting!


Beth said...

Moving from SpEd to general educations. . . well think of how much time you will save not having to write IEPs and test.

And from a fellow teacher that likes to stay in the middle school, I wish you good luck! :)

eva e. hardy said...

Maybe this change in jobs will be just what you need. Life has a way of working itself out. Hey, at least they take naps ;)

Denali said...

Oh, I should have explained better. SAME JOB! Just Kindergarten instead of 3rd grade. Ugh.

FlyinSoLow said...

Ugh, Blogger is giving me problems and just geing plain retarted on my computer lately. I log in and every other time it won't load saying somthing about cookies and then some other stuff. So I deleted the blog for now and I plan on bringing it back up a little later once things get moving a little mover. :D

Right now Spud and I are just stitting around like a sack of potatos chillin ;) not much to write about.