Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vitamin D

I love the Sun! I love walking out of work at 6pm and not having it be pitch black. Aww! Sun! This means that I can go to the barn, get my horse, and actually do something with her before the sun sets! Thankfully!

I didn't go to the barn yesterday, I had my car packed to go, but had a last minute meeting that went to 5:30. By the time I drove an hour, I would only be able to stay for 30 or so minutes. Blah! I have already called and plan on riding out tomorrow with Ophelia's mom.

Sunday when I ran out to the barn, Ms. Denali was carrying around a stick (about three feet long) in her mouth shaking at Ophelia. It looked funny (and unsafe) it looked like she was scolding Ophelia. Denali loves wood. She is always chewing on trees, stumps, etc. I think my trainer has put the quit-it chew stopper on half the barn. She KNOWS that she's not allowed to chew on the wood, and when you let her go in the arena she'll trot over to the edge, look back at you and quickly take a chunk. Again, cute, but not okay.

Bought her some more Trifecta yesterday. I'm now on my quest for different joint supplements. She gets some vitamins already in her grain, but I'm not sure what the numbers are. She gets good hay, so I don't think she needs all the vitamins (Trifecta, if you're not failure with it has vitamins, joints, and Biotin for their feet.) It's about $2.00 a day for just the Triefecta. I'm just wondering if I can do better.

I'm thinking of going to just a joint supplement, and skipping the vitamins. I still give her the Vitamin E, and will continue to do so for a least a year due to the EPM. I want to make sure that she's healthy, and that is suppose to help. The other thing that I am still giving her, and have learned to love is Ex-Stress. I call it her pony tang. It's bright orange and I this picture does it no justice.

I wish I knew an equine nutritionist. Someone who could answer all my questions. I can figure most things out, but it's still interesting to hear other people's ideas and thoughts.


Rachel said...

Call the people at SmartPak. Seriously. You set up an appointment then a rep calls you. You can ask any questions you want. You tell them what you have going for you (horse age, breed, amount of work, hay type, current grain quality and amount, health issues, etc etc)and they tell you what can help. They worked with my budget too and told me the least expensive method to a correct supplementing routine. You will love them!

Nicku said...

Hi! I use Platinum Performance. I saw an amazing difference in both of my horses condition after just 6 weeks or so on it. My mare went from malnourished and yuck to glowing. Her entire disposition changed. It made my youngster a little hot, but what I've done is started to give it to him with an extremely low energy grain (Enrich 12) so he doesnt get so amped. It seems to be working. I think when they feel better on the inside it just makes them brighter and more lively in general. I did a post a while back on PP.

Karla said...

I had the same thought as I left work yesterday! It feels so nice to get home and still have some daylight to enjoy!

@Rachel, great suggestion about calling SPE for advice. I just might have to do that now that my mare is actually working! ;o)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh, I love learning! Share what u find out..and yes smartpak is a great resource as it Uckele's products. Sadly I've pulled Laz off all supplements BUT we had great success with his joint meds when he was on : ProMotion EQ-google it. The Horse Journal rated it as one of the best and Laz has arthitis and seemed to really help (in the past of course). I think SmartPak or someone can make sure that whatever you choose they don't interact wrongly with each other for Pretty Denali. Tang it up for a sweet pony! ;)

Pony Girl said...

Smart Pak sounds like a good resource, I did not know that about them. I am trying Hyla Sport OTC by Horse Tech, I believe Smart Pak carries them. I have heard good things about Platinum Performance and PureForm. Most places will send you a sample if you email and ask, especially since horses are a bit picky about taste of non-pellet products (some that I am trying are powders.)
I can't wait for spring, I could use some vitamin D myself!

Jennifer said...

Email Melyni Worth: http://www.foxdenequine.com/about.htm She's super super super nice and helpful and totally brilliant. Granted, she'll tell you that her products are the best (they are pretty awesome), but she'll also give you ideas of other good products. And she's a COTHer to boot. :) Good luck!

Laura Maynard said...

My mare has been on Cosequin since age four as a joint booster. I switched her to straight MSM for about six months and had the most unmanageable monster on my hands, definitely not worth the cost savings to me. Back to Cosequin and we now use SmartPaks for that, SmartHoof, and SmartShine. SmartPaks are absolutely awesome and they have the BEST customer service ever!

Anonymous said...

I love the stick story! I bet that's so cute - you need photos of that!

As far as supplements go, I used to use Matrix 4 (Med Vet Pharmaceuticals) on my high maintenance show horse. It was by far the best supplement I've used for joint conditions. A bit pricey, but well worth it.