Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tired Tuesday

I haven't even gone to work yet and I'm already tired.

I didn't go to the barn yesterday. I had a Chiro appointment. I think I'm more stiff after it than I was before it. He is still impressed with the amount of noise my body makes.

Yesterday was a hard day at work. My little guy who's mom died last week came in. I was shocked to see him but pretended like nothing was wrong and continued to go about my buisiness. His caregiver talked to me in the hall and let me know that he does know that she died. He thinks it was this past Sunday, but I don't care at this point. He wanted to come to school, so they let him.

He sat at his seat and after a few minutes he asked if he could talk to me. We went into the hallway and had the following conversation:

"Ms. B, I have some really sad news."
"Okay buddy."
"My mom died yesterday."

He then went on to tell me what they told him. It was sad and he had tears in his eyes. Towards the end he asked me the question I was afraid he'd ask me.

"Will you be my second mom."

I choked back tears and told him that I loved him, and when he was at school I would take care of him, made sure he learned, and keep him safe (his father is still on the run for a felony kidnapping charge.) Half way through my rambling he stopped me.

"Ms. B, I love you and you're really sweet, but the more that I think about it you'd probably need a lot of help to be a good mom." He laughed and I smiled. He's right!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg...what a little funny man! That poor kid. You offered great words to him, I'm sure he will feel very safe in your class.
Wow...what an awful thing to happen to such a youngster.

Becky said...

:( My heart breaks for your little guy, but at least he's still got his sense of humor about him! I just found out one of my kiddo's mom's up & left him and his sister. I feel so bad for all the things these kids go through, I wish I could just take them all in & make it better!

Beth said...

Teaching is the easy part, dealing with the kids home lives is the the hard part. Sounds like you are one heck of a good teacher!

Denali said...

Yeah, could you imagine if every child in the world had a roof over their head, food in their belly, were told that they were loved, and made to feel important? I know that I wouldn't have a job, and that's fine with me. I don't need world peace, I need the world's kids to be treated better. I think that in itself would lead to world peace.