Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a Major Award!

I love a Christmas Story. This most likely the only award that I ever get with Denali. Thank you to Kristen at Sweet Horses Breath, Frizzle at From Wingman to Witching Hour and Rachel at Dapple of My Eye for the honor! It made me smile. If I'm missing someone, sorry!

So I guess how this award works is I tell you 7 things about me and then nominate 15 other blogs. That part will be hard since I love them all! I'll try my best.

Telling you things about me that I haven't already babbled will be hard, but I'll try. Maybe if I keep it to non-horsey things it will be easier.

1. I met my husband at a bar. I was drunk and he drove me home. When we have children I'll change that story to not involve the bar part of the drunk part. On our first date my mother informed him that I'd dump him in two weeks so don't get too attached. Thanks mom.

2. While living in Denmark I worked for a bicycle shop. I did their translations and made their website. Funny thing is that I knew nothing about websites at the time, and didn't speak Danish. I somehow figured it all out. (They knew that I knew nothing when they hired me.)

3. I once buried a snowmobile in 7 feet of snow. My husband (boyfriend at the time) was working in Wyoming at a lodge and I went out to visit him. We went out into the wilderness on some sleds and the snow got really, really deep. I was on a trail sled, even though we were off groomed trails. I sank it twice (I took my finger off the throttle and it sank.) The owner of the lodge told me to floor it and keep my finger on the gas no mater what. It worked for a little bit, but when I sunk it again the owner gave me his sled. Difference? His was a 800 cc Skidoo Rev. I followed his directions and "floored it" and I came flying off the back and the sled went flying forward. Opps.

4. I've been in prison. Well, technically I worked there tutoring inmates to get their GEDs. I loved doing it even though they'd offer to "take care of"my slimy boyfriend at the time.

5. I consider myself to be fairly artistic. I like painting and making things with my hands. I owned a business called "Animal MAGNETism" I'd make magnets and sell them at local fairs. I had a lot of fun making them (and making money) but I just don't have the energy to drag everything out of my closet to do it now.

6. I played Rugby in college. I joined because my boyfriend at the time cheated on my with a girl who was trying out for the team. I knew that I couldn't actually hurt her without getting into trouble (she knew.) SO I asked to join try outs, made the team and ended up playing all four years. I was the 8 man/second row and the jumper/lifter if you're familiar with the sport.

7. I swear like a sailor. I try to NOT, but it's hard. I have a horrible potty mouth.

Now for the blogs. This will be very, very hard since I love them all! I'd like to re-nominate Rachel, Frizzle, and Kristen. I love yours!

1. Little Big Red - This is a great blog about an OTTB and his mom and dad. He and Denali share some of the same bloodlines and they are very close in age. I always read theirs and think to myself "Damn it Denali!"

2. Sprinkler Bandit A great, great blog with a lot of insightful thoughts. I love her mare, she's beautiful!

3. From Racehorse to Showhorse A great blog that give me a lot of "I hope to do this someday"

4. Memoirs of a White Trash Mom- I went to high school with her. Seriously, I laugh my butt of every time I read it!

5. Discovering Epona - Fun read!

6. Bailey Slew Bambi Crash- Another person that I know from "the real world" and the winner of "the only person from the first barn that I'll still talk to" award I offered her. :)

7. Santana's Diary - I love reading about her beautiful boy

8. NorCal Equine Rescue - I really admire their rescue, and love reading about all of their adventures.

9. Life and Horses - I enjoy her stories! Great blog!

10. Grey Brook Eventing - Great writing and BEAUTIFUL GREY HORSE!! I want him! Plus my name is part of the title :)

11. My Spots Undetectable- I love this little guy. He's super cute and I think he's going to be a real beauty!

12. Hunt Seat Cruizer - Is it okay that I am jealous that she gets to ride through the years that I couldn't?

13. AML Appaloosas - Enjoyable reads!

14. Oh Horse Feathers - Another enjoyable read!

15. You!! Consider yourself tagged! I want to hear all about you! :)


FlyinSoLow said...

Oh geeze, did you say you enjoy my Spud blog? You really hit your head, didn't you? =)

I'm glad your ok, I wanted to send my good wished but my laptop at my SO's place is being poopy so I had to get my good one from home! Hope your feeling fine and dandy again soon!

ps. I really enjoy your blog too!

OTTB-Little Big Red said...

Denali will get there. LBR (gelding) came from a loving breeder, owner home who we stay in touch with when we reach "milestones".

Denali has hormones and came from auction.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog...it is in my favs and I'm always clicking on it to see any new updates...I am a somewhat newer rider unless you count all the years of my childhood hacking around farms bareback on whatever horse or pony we could get to stand still long enough to jump/crawl on to :) Now I spend every free moment I can with my superb, super calm, Walkaloosa (racking horse/appy), she is basically a gaited Appy.

I must admit I get kinda jealous that I don't have any "problems" or "quirks" that I have to work out of my mare....she's basically perfect. (I'm the type of person who enjoys a challenge)

Keep up the good work..Denali is so worth it!!

Denali said...

Anonymous, where do you live? I'll trade. :)

SassySki said...

My boy isn't registered. He is just a Hawaiian grown beauty. I do call him Jolly Roger, Olly for short. Thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination! I think that you may be the only other person who reads my blog! Thanks for sharing all the new facts & hope you're feeling better!

wendyu said...

Thanks for the nomination! My poor blog has been all over the map lately but I'm happy that you enjoy it! So what are the rules with this award?

Dom said...

Mine came to $2860... but that's because I keep him at work and get farrier, vaccines, worming, and hay for free. Most of my cost was riding clothes and entry fees.

It would be $11030 if I kept him boarded like I used to.