Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Week!

I realize it's only been two days since my last post, but it feels like it's been weeks. Sometimes time flies, and sometimes life drags on.

My brother flew in to visit this week, so I've been subjecting him to my horse related adventures along with showing him around the Seattle area. It's funny, I forgot what it was like to NOT have a horse (aka, have money.) We went shopping on Friday and I saw a pair of sunglasses. I tried them on, fell in love with them, then checked the price tag. $139.00!!! Seriously!? I automatically thought of what that would buy Denali, put them back and then proceeded to try to look for a cheaper pair. My brother told me how nice they looked, and I laughed at him. They better for that price!! He bought them for me. I am terrified I'm going to break them, ruin, them, loose them. They are currently the most expensive item that I own (that doesn't include my horse stuff.) I feel fancy! I definitely have zero fashion sense, so they are a bit silly, but I do love them!

Today I woke up and drug my brother out to SAFE to visit Sampson. He was born yesterday and I'm already in love. His momma is a Percheron/TB cross, and we THINK his dad is a TB. The poor momma came from a very neglectful situation. The woman who lives on there property is amazing! I don't know how she does it! I talked to her yesterday and she said to stop out. I was super excited. He's adorable! His momma though isn't being a very good momma. When I left she wasn't letting him nurse. Apparently she started to stop trying to kill him and let him nurse. After the visit of the new cutie! We went to my barn to visit the princess. Her lessee was coming out to ride her and I wanted to watch. Denali was doing the THROW her head up while she was riding. Naughty pony. I don't know why she does that. She just wasn't relaxing into the bit. She didn't do it the entire time.

After her lessee finished arena work, and before she took her out for a ride down the road I hopped up on her. Yes. You just read that correctly. I got on my horse. Keep in mind that I was on the lunge line, and we only rode for a short period of time, maybe 5 minutes. I kept a number in my head of my fear. It was a 2 for the most part, but spiked to a 7 when my brother walked outside the arena and she perked her ears at him. After that it was a 5, and I made myself stay on for a few more "laps" and then got off. It felt better to get on her than I thought, although I don't think I'm going to be competing anytime soon.

I think I've figured it out. She spooks and does stupid things (great example in a few paragraphs) and I KNOW that I'm not able to handle those. I just keep thinking of what COULD happen. I figure though, as long as I don't put myself in those situations. I think the lunge line for now is just fine. People go from not riding at all to competing in a year. I can do that right? (Not "real" shows, just little ones.) HELL, I'd be happy with cantering her in the arena.

After I finished, my trainer hopped up on her for a few laps around the arena. Poor Denali, she probably felt like a pony ride. When she finished, her lessee took her out to go for a ride down the hill. While they were gone, my trainer told me to go check out the "Denali Proof" paddock. I had asked her to put up more hot wire. Passive aggressive? Lol. I don't think so. Honestly it takes this much hot wire to keep her away from the wood. I was appreciative of all of this. I told her I'd help her finish it up.

While we were admiring her "Denali Proofing" Denali and her lessee came back up the road. I guess she was naughty. She wanted to go up the hill quickly, and I guess she reared up a bit when her lessee won't let her then threatened to buck. Not bad, but I definitely thought to myself "Yikes!! I'm going to die." Then I realized that I won't be riding her anytime soon on a trail. Not until I'm ready, therefore I don't need to worry about it. I'll think about it one small step at a time. I'll stop thinking about all her stupid tricks. I'm only going to do things with her that I can handle. Right now I can handle walking on the lunge line. We'll do that until I'm "bored" then we'll move to trotting....etc. Baby, baby, baby steps!!

After our pony filled afternoon, I decided to add to my brother's misery by taking him to the tack shop to look at boots. I liked these ones. They seem to have everything that I want, except the outside is made of what looks to be a not very durable foam, and I'm afraid it would be totally trashed in a short period of time. Not a problem when boots cost $25.00, but these ones were $90.00. I asked the one girl what she knew of them and their durability. She said they ordered them because they looked "interesting." Yes, great, but how do they hold up? I'm not going to buy boots that only last a few months. Here's the info on the boots that I found.

Tri-zone Allsports Boot

One of the most versatile boots on the market, the Tri-zone Allsports Boot features an innovative Airlite triple layer system. Due to their light, breathable and robust construction, these boots are ideal for schooling, cross-country, endurance, racing and hacking. They provide a high level of protection while at the same time minimizing weight on the leg. Can be used on front and hind legs.

Allsports Boot Construction:

  • The outer layer is made of EVA, formed into a mesh for lightness.
  • The inner layer is another layer of EVA made in a distinctive design of oval holes and shaped raised areas that minimize weight, generate channelling for air, and help disperse shockwaves.
  • These two layers of EVA provide effective protection against both concussion and penetration injuries.
  • This protection is further enhanced by a strip of polycarbonate inserted down the back of the boot, inside the mesh, to protect vulnerable tendons.
  • Between the two EVA layers is a fine mesh to prevent dirt getting inside the boot.

That's it in my pony life. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!


Frizzle said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! :-D And you are lucky to have such a nice brother -- mine would never have bought the sunglasses for me.

Congrats on the ride!! There's totally nothing wrong with baby steps. And walking on the longe line is better than not getting on her at all. Good job taking the first step in conquering your fear.

Oh, and I just read on COTH that the Tri-Zones actually rub some horses raw. (!!) Maybe try the Dalmars, as a lot of people wrote that they love theirs and they last forever.

Denali's Mom said...

Do you have a link?

RandomBucknellian said...

Way to go! And the Denali-proofing really cracks me up!

I just ran across these boots advertised on Facebook:

They seem to be pretty durable and don't cause rubs. I haven't used them myself, but they look pretty decent.

Anonymous said...

Congrats for getting on board - that sounds like just the way to do it for now!

The "horse economy" - i.e. all disposable cash spent on horse - I'm well familiar with it!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

What a nice bro you have!! Send him my way! :)
Good for you for even getting on..that is a big step. You did that step, so you will keep setting new goals and striving.
Did you check out the pegasus air boots? They are safe for turnout which is what you are looking for, or no? This is what uses for her sweet older TB who needs the tendon support.

Laura Maynard said...

Sounds like a great visit and a great ride! Congrats on getting up there, baby steps are definitely the way to go. :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Yay for getting on! The lunge line is a great idea. That way you can ride, but she can't get out of control.

Baby steps are awesome.

SprinklerBandit said...

Oh... and I've been thinking about the bridle. A lot. Can you hang on to it for like 2 weeks for me? I'll see what I can do. Thanks!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Baby steps are good. As long as you keep it close to your comfort zone you'll get where you want to go and conquer you're fear. Good for you.

Drillrider said...

CONGRATS for getting "on" your horse. Take it slow and just shoot for progress!!!! That is awesome and I'm sure it felt great!

Nicku said...

Hi! So my friend who sells the boots I linked you to last week also sells these. It might be good to call her up and see what she thinks, a bunch of horses at my barn wear both the mesh and the more hard core cross country boots I told you about. She might have a perspective on the wear/tear issue and which boot is right for you since they're so expensive.
Good luck :)