Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm alive (somewhat)

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm just so glad I didn't break anything. I'm going to try to explain this, but I'm still on the good stuff, so the key word is "TRY."

Sunday was a weird day.

I woke up because my right eye was killing me. It felt like it was cut, but I didn't see anything, and couldn't see anything stuck in it. I called the consulting nurse and she said I should go to Urgent Care to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my eye. I said, "Sure" and figured I'd stop by after my lessons. HA.

I went to my lesson. The horse that I rode is a beautiful paint. I saw him being ridden during my first lesson and he looked like such a sweet guy and he is...on the ground. He wasn't bad, I think that I was just spoiled during my lesson last week. There was a horse show there on Saturday and so the jumps were all still set up. He was fine going to the left, but going to the right he was a pain in my ass. It took everything in my power to keep him on the rail. Not fun. not fun at all.

Then we went over some trotting poles. Seriously, elementary things... the stupid horse ducked his head and stopped dead. I ALMOST went over top of him, thankfully I was back in the seat and able to pull his head up. It made me less afraid of Denali because she's not that naughty. I had lots of confidence going to the barn to ride her.

When I got to the barn, her lessor was there waiting for their lesson. I love my lessor (well Denali's lessor actually.) My trainer's lesson before came late so they were running late on Denali/Lessor's lesson. They went out the round pen and lunged there.

(It's not quite a Gogo tail, but I'm working on it)

After that they went into the arena and had a very beautiful lesson. They look really good together (insert jealousy here.) When they were done I decided to hop on the D-mister. As we were mounting she kept moving away from the mounting block (new behavior) and my trainer kept telling me to move it with her. I disagree. I need to find the "how to" that I was taught at my first barn. She (trainer) said that eventually she'd get tired of moving and stand still. I THINK while I'm on the ground moving around with her that means that Denali is winning. ALSO! If I ever need to get on her somewhere with an unmovable mounting block I'm screwed. Right? Ideas anyone? My first barn taught me a lot of natural horsemen ship I wish I could remember what she taught me.

(She's not built downhill. Our arena is very un-even right now)

Back the the disaster waiting to happen. This part I don't remember much of...I don't remember how long we walked around, I don't remember if we did one loop, two, no idea. I don't remember. I didn't hit my head, but I still can't remember. I do remember feeling her come out from under me. We were going up the long side of the arena at the sitting trot (if I remember correctly) and the barn owner was moving on the other side of the arena. Denali spooked. I don't remember what happened, but I do remember feeling like she tucked her head as she ran I remember feeling like I had no control of her head, and feeling nothing on the other side of the rein. I went up, and of and hit the dirt.

Our arena is really, really hard. It needs tilled bad, and although my trainer said I bounced, I'm pretty sure that I went splat.

I remember the barn owner asking if he needed to call 911, and I remember begging them to NOT CALL. I'd be mortified. After the inital shock (and lots and lots of swear words) I realized that I was okay. My lower back was aleady swollen when I stood up, grabbed Denali and climbed back on. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying, but my mother from 18 years ago always pops into my head when I come off a horse, "GET BACK ON."

We walked and trotted a little the lunge line (see terrified) and the trotting hurt like hell so I got off and put the girl away. I walked her to the field and bawled, and bawled, and bawled. It's amazing the emotions that flow through your body. I don't know how people are so brave. I wish I was.

I crawled in my car and drove home. I called my hubby on the way and told him what happened. When I got home I couldn't get out of my car. I tried, it took me about 10 minutes to just get out of the car and into the house. I couldn't stand straight. Longer story short, I have an old injury from playing Rugby and my husband thought it would be a good idea to go get it checked out, I thought he should just shoot me.

When we got to the hospital we went to Triage, and told her what happened. I also mentioned my eye and we went back out to our seats. She said I'd be in shortly and 4 people were in front of me. I sat in the chair trying to not cry (seriously, hurt so !@#$ing bad) My ibuprofen that I took when it happened wore off and I sat in agony. I watched 6 or 7 people go in. Some who came in after me and were only coughing. I was pissed.

I seriously laughed so hard at this. The only thing that amused me about Sunday.

When we finally got into the ER the doctor asked me what I did to my eye. I started crying. I didn't care about my eye. I just wanted my freaking back to not be killing me. They gave me some good pain killers and I had an ex-ray and nothing is broken. He said I probably pulled the muscles around my pelvis when I hit the ground, and if it doesn't start to feel better then go back to the doctors office. I'm starting to feel like I should be a club member at this point.

My pretty pelvis. See that thing in the middle? Know what that is? Let's just say EWWW!!

After we finished at the hospital (5 hours) we went to Dick's to get some burgers. We were sitting in the car when a man wearing a foil hat walked in front of us. We didn't think much about it. A minute later he was behind our truck being taken down by a cop. Next thing I know we had 7 cop cars and 12 cops surrounding our truck. It was an interesting end to a very interesting day...

(My husband said, "Don't you dare" I giggled, but didn't take any pictures of the cops. I was at least that much with it!)

I decided to go to work today and it was interesting. My back hurt so, so bad and my kids were so, so bad. Sigh. I called up the Chiropractor and made my first appointment in 9 years. My back was all kinds of wrong. I got a nice massage on this weird table, and then he snapped me back into place. My right leg is no longer shorter and I fell 90% better. It was amazing. I go back there in a week.

Still trying to figure out some stuff with the whole horse thing. Sorry if this didn't make any sense. Thanks everyone!!


Frizzle said...

Ouch! Boy, you and Denali are very accident-prone lately! I think we should get Kevlar body armor for both of you. (Oh, and someone stole my idea -- I got my new Dover catalog and they have Kevlar bell boots already. Only a matter of time before the full-on body suits are being made.)
Remember, drugs are your friend! And maybe you should take a day or two off of work, as well.

Laura Maynard said...

Yikes... that's quite the spill. Take care of yourself! Hope everything gets sorted out quickly and the pain dissipates.

Jooles said...

Ouch indeed! I have a mug on my desk in front of me which states:- "Riding: (n.) The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground."

I think we need to inform the horses of what we are striving to do!

Get well soon.

Rachel said...

They say you aren't a real rider until you have fallen off at least 7 times. If it makes you feel better, I think I maxed that out before age 9... Just keep gettin back on that horse (after you heal that is...)

Nicku said...

Wow, only 7 times you say Rachel! That must make me an EXPERT rider, I've fallen off probably 70 times over the years, including my wonderful concussion last year from the Pong :P

In all seriousness, I am glad you're ok girl. That is sucky that she pulled that on you. I think sometimes the mental anguish of those kinds of spills are almost worse than the physical aches and pains. Dont be too tough on yourself or on her and give yourself the time to rest up :)

SprinklerBandit said...

Ouch. (Just remember that was said as sympathetically as possible.)

Thanks for the offer on the bridle. If you still have it if/when I have money, I'll contact you and ask for details. In the mean time, the less I know, the less likely I am to impulse buy it from you.

Megan said...

I totally agree with the mounting block thing. I feel as though she wins, granted eventually she will stop I can get on... but seriously, I don't want her to think she can walk all over the arena and I will chase her. I was taught the same thing you were. Makes more sense to me. Hope you're feeling better today!

~ Megan

Anonymous said...

Hi there. So sorry to hear of the dumping. Lovely you don't remember too much!?! Re: the mounting block issue. Your darling seems to have the idea you are a tad leery of meaning what you say. Try leaving the mounting block in onr spot and using your recup. time to walk her up to it and make her stand till you say o-kay about leaving. The first time could be interesting. But.. suddenly she will tire of your persistance. My guys are all SO much bigger than me that my mantra is ' you may be larger but I am more persistant.' Good luck, heal fast.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Shoot..ok I just saw this and also saw you finally put email signup so longer will I be behind! :)
Sucks about the spill and even more that it hurt. Not fair. I hope you enjoy your happy pills and the back doctor aids in that healing too so you can get back on and have a good ride. Spooks suck. Crazy how fast they can move. Anyway, 8 mths without a surprise dismount isn't soooo bad.
About the mounting block-this worked for Laz and I. Keep in mind he thought foot in stirrup meant, start trotting to track so it took a while but at the mounting block I pulled the outside rein so I had his head tipped into his right shoulder which put his ribs towards mounting block and left the left rein completely loose. It worked, quickly and simply and he stood completely still.

Becky said...

Yuck, sorry to hear about the accident. :( I hope this doesn't wreak any more havoc on your confidence... all horses spook sometime or another. That's why I love my western saddle, the "Oh Sh*t" handle, lol. In all seriousness though- sending healing thoughts your way! I would certainly take a day or two off of work. I work with kiddies too and even on their BEST day I don't think I could have made it to work in your shape. Take care!

nervousrider said...

I'm so sorry to hear that!!!
I know how quickly those falls happen.
Fell off my guy and shattered my arm. It took a little while to register what happened.
Jingles to a quick recovery!!!

Chelsea said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. I had back surgery three years ago, so I know the back pain that comes with hitting the ground hard. It sucks.

When I got Cruizer, he was never taught to stand still for mounting, much less stand at a mounting block. I was also told by someone to move the mounting block when he does, but I just think I shouldn't be catering to his bad behavior. So what I did was walk him up to it and ask him stand, when he walked away I gave him a quick smack on the shoulder and verbally scolded him, then walked him around and did it all over again. He eventually figured out that his life is easier when he does what I ask. It seems every horse picks up this habit at some point.