Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pony Pressure

I first wanted to apologize for my lack of pictures this week. I always have my camera in my bag, but I just haven't been pulling it out. Here! Just to add color to the blog on this rainy Thursday morning. Plus, I'm pretty sure this is what my biggest fear is taking Denali on trails. She'll see a branch and be convinced it's a horse eating llama, very scary.

I posted on my facebook asking for ideas for Denali's dominance in the paddocks. My old trainer suggested that I put her in with a more dominate horse. She told me all about her horse, and how he use to be so mean to everyone, but once she put him in with a more dominate one that changed forever. Great idea! I asked her who she put him in with....Denali...sigh... not the answer that I wanted.

Someone else I use to board with suggested Regumate. Don't think we're there yet.

The someone said that it had nothing to do with her being a mare and it was because she was a race horse. I don't usually publicly tell people that they are !@#$ idiots, but I couldn't help myself. Her behavior has everything to do with the fact that she's a mare. Seriously?

The fugly blog yesterday posted about using a shock collar. I had to laugh when I read her post because I was just suggested by someone to use one of these on Denali. This won't be happening unless I have exhausted every possible alternative (including regumate and moving barns) and she could possibly hurt herself bad (aka: .1% chance.) My biggest fear is the fact that she'll take off like a bat out of hell and hurt herself. I have no doubt that she'll know exactly why she got the shock. She's a very smart horse. Almost I wouldn't doubt that she'll be able to figure out a way to get it off.

My trainer moved some horses around yesterday and Denali was behaved. I hope this is a fix. I love my barn and don't want to leave, but I also want everyone safe.

The "other" trainer came out yesterday to ride some horses. I had her put another ride on Denali. She mentioned to my trainer that she needs more hot wire out there, and that will fix it. My trainer was trying to use the argument that she could get tangled in it, but the "other" trainer said that she's not using the right hotwire then. It should break. I walked away at that point.

Denali was in a great mood yesterday! I went to get her from her paddock and she stood perfectly still while I took her blanket off. I love that you can tell from her facial expression what kind of day she's having. I guess yesterday she was a bit of a pill for her lessee. I said it was probably because she had a bad day on the "playground."

She did a great job for the "other" trainer. I asked my trainer again about having her (the "other" trainer) put a few more rides on her. She's been feeling bummed lately. Between the bit controversy of 2010 and my crabbiness over my demolition horse I haven't been the nicest person (and usually I'm always super nice.) My trainer said with a very sad look on her face that a few rides were fine, but that she's be back to riding soon. I am afraid she's going to push herself before she's ready. If I broke my femur I'm pretty sure I'd still be in bed refusing to move. She's a tough woman.

But, like most people, I have to do what is best for my horse. Ugh. Having two trainers in the same arena kind of reminds me of putting Betta's bowls next to each other. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Off to spend more money on the stupid horse. I'm looking at boots. Frizzle, I have seen in cataloges some of the boots you were talking about. I want ones that will keep the heat off her leg. That is all she needs. I might just get ankle boots and see how much protection those provide. She's also out of Vit. E, and I'm back on my quest for a different joint supplement. She's on Trifecta, but I always wonder if there is something else I should have her on. I talked to Smartpak, not the biggest help. :(


Megan said...

Maybe we can be at the barn at the same time on Saturday and we can try out my Eskadrons to see if you like them.

This is what I have for the front and hinds (the hinds are the shorter ones that just cover the fetlock):

They are brand new (I just bought them as a purchase for a future horse -- yes, crazy). Let me know what you think!


Beth said...

"Great idea! I asked her who she put him in with....Denali...sigh... not the answer that I wanted. " ROFLMAO

That just cracked me up.

I agree about some trainers being like betta fish. Some are mature enough to not feel threatened, I am sure yours will too.

Nicku said...

I use these from Tri-Zone. The vents cool the tendons (so they claim)...The shell is really tough and can stand up to serious brushing/interference. My mare hit hard behind and these boots kept her in good shape.

The owner of this company can also recommend to you other boots probably. Her name is Brooke, she's really knowledgable.

SprinklerBandit said...

Hm. Watch the more-dominant-mare thing. Izzy is/was psycho dominant. She was pastured with her mother for a while, and that was awful, since mommy's even more dominant and Izzy kept challenging her.

Currently, a combination of regular work and regular turnout with a consistent group seems to be working. Izzy is #3 out of 5, which is incredible.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Check this hot boots out!

In red (rodeo red so that may be a bad thing, ie bucking Denali??) but they are great and when Laz gets better he's getting some lime ass green ones!! xo

Smartpak not good?! I'm shocked!!! SUCKS! Try again maybe you had a bad rep..or call Frizzle! LOL!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

oops did that link not work? Try this, u may have to cut/paste:

Frizzle said...

Denali, the Cocosoya has Vitamin E in it, although I know you're super-loading her because of the EPM. Are you looking to switch brands?
Just looked up the Trifecta supplement and, holy crap, it's expensive! I also don't like how they don't tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is in it. Why don't you try Uckele's Senior Hoof and Joint formula? Doesn't matter that she's not a Senior -- it has antioxidants, probiotics, plus hoof and joint stuff. And it's cheaper! Doesn't really matter that it doesn't have hyaluronic acid, because the powdered form of HA is not very bioavailable (you have to use a liquid or gel form of HA in order for it to really be effective. Plus, you could get it with your Cocosoya orders. Might be worth a shot. (I should totally work for Uckele, lol --I love their products!)
Hahahah, I just saw Kristen's comment and it made me chuckle.