Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vet 2

Denali made a very nice sign this morning for Zenyatta while we were waiting for the Holistic Vet. I am pretty impressed with her dexterity.

Our appointment lasted for 2 hours! How would I best describe the appointment? It was enlightening. The vet is amazing. I know of her work through the horse rescue that I go out and help at a few times a year. She knows her stuff (as does our normal vet) and I am really, REALLY glad that I had her come.

She took the time to get Denali comfortable, and Denali was a super good girl the entire time. Overall, Denali is a hot mess. She was out in so many places and if she wasn't out she was tight. Before the appointment vet lunged Denali and thinks that she still has something going on in her suspensory. She suggested stall rest and wrapping. There is no heat, no swelling, and she is only off at the trot. I explained to her our last few weeks and Denali's running around like crazy. If she's not better in two weeks she said I should call our other vet and have her suspensory re-sonogram. (YAY!!!, not yay)

Denali LOVED when she worked on her TMJ, she actually closed her eyes and her lip started to quiver. It was sweet. When the vet went to put a rib back in place Denali looked like she was going to tear someone's head off, then she looked so much happier after. She was out in the neck, the back, the pelvis (that was REALLY BAD, duh!)

After the chiropractic work the vet did some acupuncture. Denail didn't mind the needles in her rump, but was not pleased with them on her shoulders and back. The vet took those out and did acupressure instead. As soon as she was done, Denali reached back and started scratching her legs with her teeth. She probably couldn't do that for a while. She itched everything she could itch.

She gave Denali a 4 on the body score scale. :( I assured her (because I felt that I needed to) that Denali ALWAYS drops weight when the weather changes. New plan of action though to get her fat.

1. Rice bran pellets and Beet Pulp.

2. 8 flakes of hay split into 3 servings.

3. If she eats everything give her more.

Denali thinks that this is a brilliant plan!! My trainer, who got super worried that I would be upset that the vet gave her a 4, happily discussed what her diet would look like now. Her nibble net will now be joining her during the day. I swear my trainer spends her time figuring out how to make me happy. (Which is fine with me)

Believe it or not I'm not freaking out about anything. SHOCKING I KNOW!!

Well...I am a tad worried that she will get hot and crazy, because she hasn't been. We'll see.

Denali is not suppose to do anything for 2 days. Monday I can start to hand walk her, but no trotting and not under saddle. HONESTLY, I think she's okay, but want to do what the vet says JUST to be sure. I don't have it in my heart to put her in her stall for the two weeks. She doesn't run around in her paddock, especially because it's fall and she doesn't like to run around in the slightly muddy paddock.

Speaking of fall, Denali tripped and fell AGAIN today. That is starting to freak me out. Pick up your feet mare.

I'm hoping that all this body work she's getting will pay off. The vet invited me to send Denali to her rehab farm. It is less that 1/2 of Pegasus, but unless something glaring shows up I'm not planning on it. I, of course, still asked for literature. I went there, it's really nice and if Denali needs something done extensively I would defiantly send her there.

We'll see this vet again on the 19th for her next appointment. I hope that some of this sticks and that she looks better on Monday. She seemed a lot happier today after her appointment.

Good thoughts for the million dollar mare!! (That's just an estimate of what I put into her, but MAN do I LOVE her!!)


Gingham said...

Who did you have come out?? P's been so tight and cranky I'm thinking about getting someone (else) out in addition to her normal person..

also, when you say she fell down, how DOWN do you mean?

Denali's Mom said...

Dr. Evergreen, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!! I'll text you our situation later, I'm not ready to write about it yet.

And down on her knees and face. SPLAT. :(