Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dumb Ass

We went to see Ms. D last night. She was a sweaty, sweaty mess. She has no temperature. She isn't excited (actually very quiet) and she just looked sad. The vet is going to try to give her bute to see if she is in pain, or if the sweating is related to the neurological issues going on. I agree with someone who posted, give her a few days to settle in. I just feel so bad for her. At our barn, my trainer is in the barn from 7am to 10 pm. She always had someone to stop and visit her, even if I couldn't come out. The vet's barn is VERY quiet. There are only 3 horses in stalls. We got there at 5 and no one else was there. My husband was going to take Denali out of her stall, but a horse kicked something and Denali freaked out. We didn't know where we could walk her, so we decided to keep her in her stall so she could be safe. We didn't want her falling on the cement. She hadn't eaten much of her dinner, but eagerly at her apples and treats.

I felt pretty good last night. My husband even took me out to eat. I look like a hot mess. I can't wear jeans since my hips are so black and blue, so I had on sweat pants, and a hoodie that didn't match what so ever.

I don't know what happened last night in my sleep. I woke up in as much pain as I was in Saturday night. Lots of pain killers, but nothing is really working. Fun times. I also learned that it is impossible to cry, yawn, laugh, sneeze (especially sneeze), or cough. Holy Fu@k. Talk about pain.

I have been kicked by horses before, but I think that 9 times is my bodies limit. I am still amazed by the areas that I got kicked and they don't hurt. It is going to be a while before I am able to ride again. My trainer offered me one of her horses to ride, which I thought was nice. I haven't thought about riding, since I have been so worried about everything else. I miss it.

My new saddle is in my house. It makes me so sad to look at it, but I still plan on keeping it regardless of what happens. I just wish that it would be Denali's new saddle. It isn't looking like that is going to be the case. The prognosis is still grim, with the best case being a pasture pet. That's fine. She would be a great pasture pet!

Thanks for your kind words everyone, they really do help. Denali is getting her x-rays today, so hopefully that will help answer some questions. With my luck, it will leave us with more questions than answers.


Anonymous said...

Keeping fingers crossed that you will get some answers.

Laura M. said...

Sorry to hear that Denali doesn't seem to like her Hotel, hopefully she will, adjust quickly and well. Glad you're feeling up to getting out a little, that's a huge step! Keep taking care of yourself.

Hugs and Jingles

Mrs Mom said...

Honey, NINE direct, strong, traumatic kicks to ANYONE'S body would be a limit! Give yourself a breather there... A Careful one!!

If the pain stays at this level, please PLEASE consult your doctor again. Pain that is not going away with medication is an indicator that something is not quite right in there. Do yourself a favor, and Denali, and get it checked.

Marissa said...

I'm so sorry that this whole thing has been so tough -- for both you and your mare. I hope that your bruises heal quickly and the pain meds start working (or if not, I agree another dr's visit might be in order, as much as I hate the dr), and I hope that Denali settles in a little better and your vet gains some insight into what's going on. Hang in there, we're all thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

We love you Denali and we've all rooting for you.

Kate said...

We are really pulling for you AND your girl. You both need a big hug.