Friday, November 5, 2010

Safe Mode

So much of my evening has been done in "Safe Mode." I got home from the barn (more about that soon) and turned on my computer and kept getting the blue screen of death. I finally got my computer to start in "Safe Mode" so I could write this.

Tonight was one of the most amazing nights I've had with Denali.

I left work with a headache and couldn't decide if I was feeling up to dealing with Slewy, but had to run to the tack store to get some MTG and figured might as well continue up the interstate and go say hi to the mare.

The plan was to say hi to her, feed her some carrots and leave it at that. I wasn't sure if I was up to dealing with any mare-fits but still haven't seen her since Monday.

When I got to the barn 3 of the teens were just finishing up their lesson. I remembered my rule of not getting the mare out when there were small children around (less learning about swear words that way) and went to say hi to her instead. She's always adorable when she sees me after a few day break, nickering and following me everywhere.

After the teens put their horses away I realized they were not leaving anytime soon and decided to get the mare. I gave all the girls another "don't touch my horse or go behind her or I'll kill you" speech. I took Denali's blanket off and started brushing her. Next thing I know all three teens are gathered around Denali telling her how pretty she is. WHICH WOULD BE FINE IF SHE COULD SEE YOU!! You see those cross ties?? They keep her head in place so that she can't turn the whole way around. When you stand by her shoulders she can't see you. What did Denali do?? She stood there and kept her eagle eyes on me, "Mom is this okay? Am I okay?" I reminded the girls to go in front of Denali so they aren't behind the cross ties in case she spooked.

They stood there discussing how beautiful she is (and really, who wouldn't?) A few minutes later one of the girls mom came up behind Denali and put her hand on Denali's butt. I flipped out (Denali couldn't have cared less) and literally pulled her away from my horse. I explained very nicely that you do not EVER walk up behind a horse you don't know and touch them on their butt. I'm a bit gun shy in case you can't tell (and in constant Safe Mode.)

As we were standing there reviewing the kick zone, the barn dogs started to bark behind Denali. I could watch her get nervous and was worried that she was going to pull back in the cross ties. She didn't, and calmed right down. Good Mare.

Denali was worked yesterday by our trainer. She had left Denali's boots in the aisle way to dry out and they caught my eye. I grabbed them and was walking to put them away when I noticed Denali's expression. She had her ears pricked forward and dare I say, looked excited. I asked her if she wanted to work and I kid you not, she shook her head yes. I reminded her that I had a headache and couldn't deal with funny games.

We went into the arena and...when I say that Denali was amazing, that is an understatement. She was AWESOME!!! She did everything I asked and tried so hard for me. I started to cry. I was so happy and proud of her. She's doing so well!!

Yay Denali!!

Tomorrow the holistic vet comes out, hopefully there is no blood this time!!


Kate said...

That is very good - she asked and you answered, and then she was willing - a great conversation!

Carol said...

That is awesome! Wow, you must be so happy. Congratulations on your huge progress.

Ashley said...

awww that is so sweet! go Denali!!! :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Love those magical days...good girl Denali!!! Its funny but I totally think Mares have a strong maternal instict that carries over to kids/teens, etc.